February 10, 2021

Spring Trend Report: Adjustable Earrings

It’s time to kick off our seasonal trend report series! This spring, we’re starting off strong with a trend that is as chic as it is unique: adjustable earrings. We’re gushing over this next-level accessory idea and loving it even more in our favorite shade of metal—gold.

This style of earring is the perfect edition to any wardrobe, thanks to the many ways to wear them. Take it from Rachel Zoe herself, “a unique take on a traditional hoop with all the different options for choosing your favorite length.” Ahead, we show you why you’ll soon not live without this must-have accessory and all the ways to rock them.

The Long Way
For special occasions or spicing up a simple outfit, opt for more loops on your hoops! This long,  elegant version of the adjustable earrings with each loop attached pairs well with evening attire—just like Rachel Zoe’s favorite long gown look. 

The Inner Circle
For more texture and added flare to your outfit, layer your loops within one another. This contemporary version of the fan-favorite hoop goes with just about any outfit you can dream of—it’s totally up to you!

Three’s A Party
The three loop option is great for a day-to-night look. It’s also ideal for those moments of uncertainty when trying to choose your level of casualness for your earring option. The best of both worlds!

Simplicity At Its Finest
For the everyday look, remove all but one loop. This is a more intricate, updated version of the cool girl minimal hoop style we love. 

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