June 25, 2024

Remix Your Summer Skincare Routine and Put Your Best Face Forward

It’s that time again! Summer has officially arrived, which means your skincare routine could probably use an update. The increased heat and sunshine can actually cause a whole new set of challenges for your skin, like increased oil production, sun damage, and dehydration. If you’re experiencing any of the above, it could benefit you to mix things up a bit. But by swapping in (or out) certain steps, you could be giving your complexion the extra support it needs to fight the elements this season. And of course, we’ve got the products and tools to help you feel refreshed and repaired.

Two of our favorites are actually included in our Summer Curation! Symbiosis’s Shield + Glow Set includes two of the brand’s sunny day staples: The Delight Radiance Restoring Facial Serum and Daily Shield Mattifying Moisturiser. With ingredients that brighten, protect, and maintain moisture, they’re going to keep your skin happy all season long. And members get an incredible deal on these products! Together they have a retail value of $276, but when you sign up for the Summer Curation, you’ll get the set AND four other must-haves for just $125. But it’s only here for the season, so grab yours HERE while you still can. 

And that’s not all: We’ve also stocked The Shoppe with a ton of new skincare items that are also amazing additions to your summer routine. Want to hear more? Keep reading to learn how you can cleanse, brighten and protect, and de-puff on the daily. Don’t forget to complete your routine with your favorite SPF if you’re heading outside—plus any other steps that give your unique complexion the TLC it needs.



Sweat, sunscreen, and excess oil this season means it’s super important to keep your skin well cleansed. While you don’t necessarily need to swap our the cleansing product you already know and love, you might consider adding some gentle exfoliation to this step. This customizable brush helps your cleanser work even better by removing build-up to unclog your pores.



Brighten & Protect

The Shield + Glow Set in our Summer Box includes not one, but two separate skincare steps. First apply the Delight Radiance Restoring Facial Serum daily after cleansing. Made with brightening bee venom and toning niacinamide, it will make your skin smoother and more radiant, with less visible pores. After serum, apply the Daily Shield Mattifying Moisturiser, which has a lightweight feel (perfect for hot weather) while still keeping you super hydrated, thanks to the hyaluronic acid packed formula. The moisturizer also boasts Tocopherol, a form of antioxidant Vitamin E that gives skin a supple feel while protecting you against environmental elements. 

Sculpt & Depuff

Summertime fun (like staying out late, having a few cocktails, and not staying properly hydrated) can lead to puffy mornings. That’s why including a sculpting and de-puffing step this season could be to your advantage. A gua sha tool can be used gently over moisturized skin (you might add your favorite oil for a bit more slip) to improve circulation and drain excess fluid in the face, resulting in a more toned appearance. Freezable massage globes have a similar effect, and feel oh-so refreshing around the eyes—especially in hot weather. You can also give yourself a moment of zen with a jade face mask that offers instant coolness, which helps reduce inflammation.

Sculpt Gua Sha

Sculpt Gua Sha


ice ice rollys

Ice Ice Rollys


Jade Gemstone Mask + Serum Kit

Jade Gemstone Mask + Serum Kit

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