Pandegelang Raffia Seashell Clutch

Pandegelang Raffia Seashell Clutch

Retails at $54.00

The fact that this clutch is handcrafted adds a unique and personal touch to your accessory collection. Handcrafted pieces often reflect artistry and attention to detail, making them special and one-of-a-kind.

Crafted from rattan, this clutch celebrates the natural and sustainable beauty of woven materials. Rattan adds a touch of beachy elegance and pairs beautifully with summer fashion.

The snap closure is both secure and convenient, ensuring that your belongings are safe. It provides peace of mind during your summer outings and events.

The Pandegelang Raffia Seashell Clutch is available in five striking colors. This variety allows you to choose the clutch that best matches your summer look and personal style.

Handwoven Rattan bag 

  • Handcrafted
  • Rattan; polyester lining
  • Snap closure 
  • Imported


  • 6.7" x 11.5"

Fulfilled by our friends at  Jelavu

*Please Note:

  • This item is not eligible for returns 
  • This item cannot be shipped outside the U.S.
    Color : Yellow

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