5 Ways to Upgrade Your Style
By Fashion Authority

Rachel Zoe

Ever wondered what the secret behind mastering effortless style is? Well, let us share some insights from the global fashion authority herself, Rachel Zoe. Yes, the brilliant mind behind the iconic looks of some of the most coveted celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, and more.

Style is more than just what you wear; it's a personal signature woven into every aspect of your life. Imagine timeless jewelry, a radiant glow on your skin, and a wardrobe of accessories meticulously curated to reflect the essence of 'you'.


These five fabulous tips, straight from Rachel Zoe's style bible, go beyond the surface – they're about transforming your entire lifestyle into a true masterpiece with small, elevating touches. The best part? No wardrobe overhaul needed!

Tip #1 . Jewelry. Jewelry. Jewelry.

Choose jewelry based on the occasion and outfit. Simple pieces enhance casual or professional looks for sophistication without being overpowering. For day-to-day style, opt for classic watches, timeless pendants, and simple hoop earrings.

Embrace versatility with a skillful blend of textures and metals, whether through rings or a statement piece like the Chunky Enamel Bracelet by Awe Inspired for a chic and layered effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment; small details can enhance your style profile.

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Tip #2. Elevate Your Everyday Look with Makeup

Makeup has the power to elevate your everyday looks. Embrace the versatility of your makeup collection with products and palettes that seamlessly transition from day to night, allowing you to dress up or dress down effortlessly. Opt for neutrals and soft pink hues that enhance your features, like this tri-color highlighter palette. The blushing pink and neutral tones in The Doll 10 Eye and Face Palette and The Smart Cheeks Mineral Face Palette can transform any look, offering versatile application options that suit both bold and understated styles. 

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Tip #3. Opt For a Unique, Quality Bag 

A bag is a statement of your style. You should always prioritize quality over the label. Focus on a versatile, well-structured tote or clutch in neutral colors like black, tan, or gray that effortlessly complements various outfits, making it a timeless and practical addition.

Choose a bag like the Kayla + Ava Charlotte bag or the Crescent Clutch by Understated Leather—distinctive and well-crafted. Investing in a piece that transforms from daytime to evening means you can easily elevate any outfit, even if you don’t have the time.

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Tip #4. Hydrate Your Skin for a Glowing Look

You know what they say: when you look your best, you feel your best, and what better way to achieve that than by having healthy, radiant skin? However, achieving that coveted glow can often feel challenging, especially because of today’s fleeting (and sometimes harmful) skincare trends.

Consistently providing essential nutrients and moisture is the key to fortifying your skin's natural barrier and getting that radiant glow we all dream of. This approach caters to every skin type, embodying a timeless commitment to skin health. Incorporate a hydrating serum or oil, like the Hyaluronic Serum By Dr Barbra Sturm and the Eclat Midy Face Oil by Olivier Midy, into your routine, and watch your complexion light up. For simple fixes for on-the-go, check out this hydrating spray.

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Tip #5. Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize with Scarves, Clips, and Sunglasses

Embrace the power of accessories, and enhance your style with scarves and sunglasses. Think of the iconic Audrey Hepburn, whose elegance was often accentuated by the strategic placement of a scarf and chic sunglasses. Consider classic cat-eye style glasses in neutral tones like black or tortoiseshell for a universally flattering choice.

As for scarves, opt for timeless styles like a silk scarf or a cashmere wrap. These versatile pieces can be draped elegantly over your shoulders or tied artfully around your neck or bag. Choose neutral colors or subtle patterns to ensure they integrate into your wardrobe, effortlessly transitioning from casual to chic with each wear.

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