May 02, 2019

Fashion stylists are constantly rethinking the routine fashion choices we make everyday, and one of the go-to tricks is incorporating a belt. While they’re often relegated to a utilitarian role, stylists use them to add visual interest to an outfit, highlighting individuality in the process. We’re sharing inspiration, courtesy of our style team and a few of our favorite influencers, to encourage you to think outside of the box this fall. 

Define Your Waist

Woman in shall with belt accessory

As summer comes to a close, luxurious oversized fall knits start calling our names. To avoid drowning in a mass of fabric, cinch a belt over your sweater to define your waist. Create a loose knot with the tail of your belt which keeps it secure when you don’t have belt loops. 

Ditch The Buckle

Buckless wrap belt to define your waist

 One of our favorite timeless styles is a wrap belt. They add ladylike definition to an overcoat or dress without the overbearing hardware of a buckle. Opt for this style to add a dose of nonchalant style.

Add Interest

Western inspired black belt with decorative hardware


When wearing simple separates, choose something more interesting than a plain-buckled belt. We love this Western-inspired option with decorative hardware for spicing up an otherwise plain outfit. 

Over Your Outerwear

Black belt used to define waist over gray blazer

Striking a balance between stylish and office-appropriate can be tricky. Give your blazer some personality by styling it with a belt and wearing it over slim-fit jeans or slacks. The result is polished without being too precious. 

Break Up The Pattern

Solid textured belt over a head to toe print outfit

We love wearing a head-to-toe print, but going ‘full pattern’ can overwhelm any frame. Break it up with a belt, ideally a simple version that won’t compete with the busy pattern. Try adding some texture with a velvet or suede style.