February 04, 2020

Spring Essential: Chain Link Jewelry & How To Style It

Chain link jewelry has been on the rise of late, and for good reason. The statement trend is classic and incredibly versatile. Whether you're mixing metals or wearing it alone, the result is instant polish, no matter what you're outfit. Here, a little inspiration for stacking and styling your Bayou With Love Chain Link Bracelet from the Spring 2020 Box of Style. 

Stack With Bangles

Don't be intimidated by the concept of pairing a fluid, chain link bracelet with a structured bangle. The two styles are both substantial so they hold their own when paired together. Extra points for mixing metals! 

Coordinate Your Necklace

One of the reason chain link jewelry is becoming so popular is its ability to add edge to otherwise simple basics. Up the ante by pairing your chain link bracelet with a chain link necklace (or layered chain link necklaces).

Go For Gold

When you're looking to channel serious glamour, pile your wrists with gold. Start with a statement watch and add layers of bracelets in varying styles in the same hue. It's a bold look, so we recommend teaming it with a minimal ensemble, or wearing it for evening with a simple black dress. 

Wear It On Your Sleeve

If there's no sign of the weather warming up, use your bracelet to add some character to your everyday sweater uniform. Simply fasten the chain link bracelet over a skinny sleeve so it can enjoy the spotlight. 

Reach For Your Rings

Chunky, cocktail rings tend to overpower all other jewelry, which is why many people stick to wearing them alone, but the heft of a chain link bracelet actually pairs brilliantly with larger rings. Start with one substantial style and add more if you're feeling it. The sky's the limit! 


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All imagery courtesy of Pinterest.