February 25, 2020

The Skincare Step You've Been Missing

When you think of toner, what comes to mind? An excessively drying, unnecessary step to your already lengthy skincare routine? Think again. Toner has been rectified and repositioned in the incredibly crowded marketplace by iconic beauty brand, Erno Laszlo. The once overlooked skincare product is now a must for plump, hydrated skin. 

Beyond its ability to hydrate, the Hydraphel Skin Supplement toner by Laszlo sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal a much brighter and smoother canvas for makeup application. We, along with other mega-fans, have deemed this new-age version of toner as an essential part to our skincare routine—both morning and night. 

Have you ever applied face makeup only to realize that you can visibly see your foundation or powder sitting on top of your skin? Same. It means that either your skin is dry, hasn’t been exfoliated properly, or both. For flawless makeup application, your skin needs to be in optimal shape for moisture absorption so your makeup melts in rather than sitting on the surface. The best way to accomplish this in one fell swoop is with a hydrating toner like Laszlo’s. Top it off with your favorite serums, moisturizer, and voilà! Your skin is ready for makeup. Or better yet, a barefaced day out. 

Bottom line: don’t miss the crucial, skin-improving step of adding a hydrating toner to your line up. Not only will you thank us, but your skin will thank you. Get yours with our spring box here