February 11, 2020

The Seasonal Staple Every Wardrobe Needs

With spring in sight, it’s time to hone in on what your staple items are going to be for the year. Are you seeking a wardrobe refresh by completely reinventing your style? Or adding to the thoughtfully curated pieces you already own and love? Either way, you’ll need some protection with sunny days ahead. 

As Rachel says, “I never leave home without my sunnies, even on a rainy day.” Sunglasses are a coveted wardrobe staple for many, just like Rachel. We suggest that you choose a pair that will effortlessly add to any outfit in an instant and work interchangeably with your looks year-round. Whether you naturally lean towards a classic colorway like tortoise or your signature style is bold which equates to black frames—you’ll have your needs met with these two options by DIFF Eyewear. 

The Classic Wear-With-All

Tortoise sunglasses epitomize classic fashion. DIFF modifies the timeless colorway with a modern frame to seamlessly update your look with elegance in mind. For a neutral get-up, add a camel colored blazer, brown mules, and top it off with tortoise shades. Voilà!

The Bold Head-Turner 

DIFF’s distinct frame met its match when it was paired with the color black. Step-up your look without any fuss by accompanying dark denim and a statement blouse with bold, black sunnies. Extra points for throwing on some gold accessories, too!

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