August 02, 2023

Summer-Proof Your Skin with These Products and Glow All Season Long

New season, new skincare needs! It’s a great idea to update your beauty routine as the climate changes. Summer has its own set of skin struggles—from excess sweat to sun damage. This doesn’t mean that you need to toss the products you used in cooler months, just that they may not be benefitting you as much at the moment.

No worries, we always make sure keep The Shoppe freshly stocked with Rachel Zoe-approved beauty favorites that work for your skin type and needs in any season. Right now, that probably means cleansers that are effective enough to detox potential pore cloggers (like makeup and SPF) without drying out your skin, sun protection that leaves behind a radiant (not chalky) finish, and hydration that gives you a glow without a greasy feeling. Our newest arrivals by brands like Short & Suite, Kopari (which you can find exclusively in our Summer Curation), Doll 10, and more have all those steps covered—plus a few more to reveal your most stunning skin this summer.

See all our summer skincare recommendations ahead, then stop by The Shoppe to check out our complete beauty collection!


Between the sunblock and sweat, your skin could use a little deeper cleaning during the summer months. Look for cleansers with ingredients like French green clay that pull out impurities like a magnet—without stripping the skin. A sonic vibration tool will also help to gently loosen dirt and debris.




For even more decongestion, consider adding in a gentle chemical exfoliant. Ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid, and malic acid help remove dead skin cells for clearer and more radiant skin. Doll 10’s Overnight Facial 11% Triple Acid Resurfacing Serum has all three, plus ingredients like calendula, aloe, and allantoin to keep your complexion calm.


Layering your hydration is key for your most healthy summer skin. Did you know that dampening your skin prior to applying your moisturizer help to lock in the benefits? Short & Suite’s innovative misting tool is the perfect post-cleanse, pre-moisturizer step to evenly distribute infused mineral water to hydrate, soothe, detox, or give a glow.


With factors like heat and air conditioning in the mix, summer skin needs serious hydration—especially the delicate areas that tend to dry out fast. Thankfully, Doll 101’s trifecta of Smooth Assist products is packed with ingredients like ceramides, aloe, and green tea to replenish moisture support your skin barrier.


Sun’s out, skin’s out! Make sure you’re protected from head to toe with sunscreen that feels good on your skin type. For SPF below the neck, we’re loving Kopari’s Sun Shield Body Glow, which you can get in our Summer Curation! It has an SPF of 50 and resists water and sweat for up to 40 minutes while leaving a gorgeous golden sheen and coconut milk scent.


After the time you spend perfecting your makeup, the last thing you want to do is sweat it all off! Don’t skip the priming step before you apply your base. We love the cult classic MILK Makeup Hydro Grip Hydrating Makeup Primer because it gives leaves a slightly tacky finish for your makeup to stick to, but has added ingredients that keep your complexion looking and feeling hydrated all day.

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