June 25, 2019

Minimalism is more than just a jewelry trend; it’s a style choice. Instead of opting for what makes a lot of noise, simplify with understated, timeless pieces that will last. 

Save the bold gemstone necklaces and statement earrings for special events and opt for lightweight, minimalist jewelry for everyday. Thin gold chains, single band rings, and small hoops are more than just trendy; they’re the perfect complement to your wardrobe. Simplicity doesn’t necessarily mean boring as there are many ways to liven up your minimalist style. Here are our favorite chic ways of styling minimalist jewelry.

Layer Delicate Necklaces for a Big Impact

Layering minimalist jewelry for summer is an elegant statement that brings attention to your face and completes any look. The thin golden strands will stand out beautifully against a tan as you wear them with v-neck cut blouses, dresses, and even swimwear.

minimalist jewelry - Rufus Terry Beach Towel

Stacked necklaces with a simple plunge-neck swimsuit in a solid color looks stunning for a beach holiday. Just grab your Rufus Terry Beach Towel from the Summer Box of Style to complete your chic poolside look.

Get an Edgy Look from Stacked Rings

For an edgy and cool minimalist jewelry look that’s been a favorite styling trick the past few years, try stacking your rings – the more the merrier! We love small trinkets that you can wear everyday and leave on for multiple occasions. Small gold rings are perfect day to night and are very easy to wear. 

The possibilities are endless with minimalist rings: you can wear many on one finger or one on many fingers. Give your wedding ring some company with little bands on your index and middle finger. Some simple midi rings can be worn higher on the finger at the top joint to add a bit of oomph to your minimalist style. 

Enhance Your Minimalist Styling with Geometric Shapes and Unique Textures

Embellish your look with thin gold or silver jewelry in geometric shapes for an artsy and striking minimalist fashion aesthetic. This adds a little intrigue to simpler outfits, like a top and jeans. 

Feel free to experiment with mixing the metals of your minimalist jewelry. You can try fabric chains as well; this looks particularly good in the summer in the form of simple bracelets like this one

minimalist jewelry - Danielle Nicole Macramé Handbag

Add a fun, textured bag like the Danielle Nicole Macramé Handbag from your Summer Box of Style for a laid-back, yet stylish edit.

Invest in High Quality & Meaningful Minimalist Jewelry

Try pairing simple chains with other minimalist jewelry pieces that have small embellishments, like tiny heart pendants, coins or an initial. This is a great way of displaying charms that are meaningful to you without making a huge statement. 

Minimalist style is all about investing in pieces that will get a lot of wear and are highly versatile. A small bit of shine and style from dainty charms never looks overdone. However, if you want to take the impact up a notch, you can always layer minimalist necklaces around a piece of statement jewelry

The Best Minimalist Jewelry Styling Leaves Space to Breathe

Less is more when it comes to minimalist fashion: Remember to leave some space for the jewelry to breathe. One way to make your accessories stand out is to make sure that they don’t overlap with your clothing. Keep the styling simple otherwise, the jewelry can get lost against your outfit.  

minimalist jewelry - Machete Kate Hoops

For small stud earrings, pull your hair back so that they can be seen. Or try simple hoops, like the Machete Kate Hoops from your Summer Box of Style, which go with everything and peek out from underneath long locks.