December 02, 2020

Shoppe Spotlight: LePrix

Imagine being able to shop all the best vintage brick-and-mortar stores online…and all in one place. And by vintage, we mean luxury vintage. Shop the best-of-the-best brands that you know and love at exceptional prices with our friends at LePrix! Their mission is to help the over 600 small business owners of vintage and consignment boutiques grow by bringing their products to the digital marketplace online. Not to mention that 77% of these small business owners on LePrix are female and over 25% are minority owned. At CURATEUR, we believe that delivering top-notch luxury goods at exclusive prices is important, but supporting small businesses and their owners (no matter their background or gender) takes the cake. We can’t wait to introduce you to LePrix and for you to take advantage of their amazing offers now seen in The Shoppe!

Some of our favorite pieces on the LePrix site are just too good not to share. Have you checked out their Gucci Bamboo Backpack, Chanel Pink Tweed Medium Classic Double Flap Bag GHW, and Chanel Gold CC Double Chain Medallion Chain Belt? Or what about their Vintage Hermès Scarf and Christian Dior Earrings? The best part is, the LePrix team is giving CURATEUR members 15% OFF the LePrix x CURATEUR collection on when using code CURATEUR at checkout! Enjoy!

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