June 23, 2021

Shoppe Spotlight: Indie Lee

We are so proud to share that The Shoppe is now featuring products by conscious skincare brand, Indie Lee. Even the story behind the line is so inspiring: Founder Indie Lee was forced to take a closer look at the products she was using after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her doctor informed her that despite her otherwise healthy lifestyle, environmental elements—including some common beauty and self-care ingredients—could have been a contributing factor. After her life-saving surgery, Lee committed herself to learning and educating others about the importance of clean skincare, and her brand was born.

In addition to the fact that Indie Lee’s products are created with natural, naturally-derived, and organic ingredients (formulated to the standards of COSMOS, one of the leading third-party global certification processes, when possible), it’s committed to sustainability in other ways, too. The products are cruelty-free, manufacturing is ethical and earth friendly, and the packaging is recyclable (with goals in place to move towards more post-consumer materials and ultimately refillable containers).



Having a tough time trying to narrow down which of these clean skincare goodies to try first? Let us suggest a few of our favorites—all of which have just been added to The Shoppe at an exclusively discounted price! The Restorative Eye Cream is packed with antioxidants to protect, condition, and smooth the delicate area around the eye, the Soothing Cleanser gently removes impurities with nourishing ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin, the Stem Cell Serum boasts plant-derived stem cells to renew, and the Superfruit Facial Cream combines fruit-based AHAs and hyaluronic acid to improve texture while it hydrates.

Want to be more conscious with your skincare purchases? Head to The Shoppe to find out even more about these sustainable, complexion-boosting products, then stock up to get glowy, healthy summer skin.

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