May 02, 2021

Rocky Barnes' Bright Side

Mother, multi-hyphenate and all around style guru, Rocky Barnes has long been a woman we admire. Her effortless, California approach to style is as covetable as her fun-loving persona. And now, Rocky is bringing her uplifting brand of optimism to your closet with her new line of unisex casualwear, The Bright Side. 

It has been quite a year for Rocky Barnes.  Here, she muses about motherhood, the challenges (and joys!) of founding a business with your partner, and what inspired her to launch The Bright Side. 

I have been lucky enough to know you for several years now and I am beyond thrilled to have you as a part of the CURATEUR community. Why did you want to partner with CURATEUR this season?
I have always looked to you as such a style Icon, and over the past few years, one of my favorite things about you is how you love to uplift all the women around you!  Being able to have my new brand, The Bright Side, as part of the CURATEUR community is such a dream!

I am so excited for your new amazing unisex collection. Can you tell us how the Bright Side was born?
Since I was a little girl I have always dreamt of having my own line! I used to cut and sew vintage shirts in high school and even sold some at a local boutique. Over the years I have been doing design collabs with so many brands, and finally felt it was time to step out on my own. For the first collection, I actually was very much influenced by my husband, Matt. We are both constantly stealing pieces from each other’s closets, and it inspired me to make my first collection something the whole family could wear!

So much has happened for you this year, including starting your company and becoming a new mom. How have you adjusted to your new life?
Having Jones was the silver lining to 2020. Matt and I would typically travel more than we were home, so quarantine really allowed us to slow down and enjoy our time with Jones. Looking forward to eventually taking him around the world with us! On the other hand, starting a line during a pandemic might be the scariest thing I’ve ever done! It is so much time and energy, but I love it! The Bright Side is my second baby!

Speaking as someone who shares the “co-CEO” title with Rodger, what has it been like for you to start a business with your husband?
Matt and I have been working together now for about 5 years, and we have had many ups and downs. I’m a control freak and had a hard time letting someone help me. But I’m so grateful I did because I didn’t realize HOW MUCH HELP I NEEDED! I am creative and horrible at business stuff…Matt is a businessman but also creative so he can understand all sides and make growth decisions without compromising my aesthetic. 

What advice would you give young influencers or aspiring entrepreneurs about starting their own brand?
I am nowhere near being an expert in starting a brand, I am still figuring things out as I go. But I would say, take your time and don’t put out a product just to put out a product. Make sure it is something you are really proud of. You only have one chance to make a first impression! 

What are you most excited for next for both you and The Bright Side?
I’m excited to get back to traveling and to show Jones some of our favorite places in the world. Traveling is also so inspiring for me, it’s when I get most of my creative ideas. Also looking forward to launching the new Bright Side collection in May!


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