May 06, 2019

We’re all about supporting brands that do good, whether they are providing underprivileged communities with jobs to build their financial independence, making conscious efforts to support the environment, or pouring resources back into at-risk communities. Tribe Alive, who made our Spring 2019 Edition envelope clutch, is doing all of the above.  They employ artisans in India, use leather from cows that have died a natural death and channel proceeds into philanthropic efforts around the world. 

Hondorus Family Recieving Home from Box of Style
The family in their new house. Image courtesy of Tribe Alive.


Recently, the Tribe Alive team channeled the proceeds from their inclusion in Box of Style to build a house for an at-risk family in Honduras. Carly Burson, the Founder of Tribe Alive, explained the project to us. “At Tribe Alive we are committed to impact and remain firm in our belief that our success is not real unless it leads to the success of others. Partnering with the Box of Style team was a dream come true for our brand, so we decided to pay that dream forward and use a percent of profits to fund the construction of a home for a family in need. For us, rising together is the only way forward and we’re grateful for partnerships like this that make life-changing impact possible.” 

Working on the construction site for New Hondorus HomeWorking on the construction site. Image courtesy of Tribe Alive.


Katie Sansom, Senior Designer at Tribe Alive, further elaborated about the feel-good project, and all the more reason to shop our Spring edition. “When you begin to view fashion as a medium for life change, so many layers of beauty develop in everything you create. For us, making beautiful handmade goods is one layer, but teaching women to believe in themselves and their ability to make and provide for their families, that is a whole other level of beauty. Building this home was a very tangible picture of the impact we are able to have because of partners Box of Style. Partners who share our vision for life change and our passion for the people behind every beautiful piece we dream up together. Together, we are making a difference and when you wear this clutch, you are part of that story too!” 

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