February 22, 2020

CBD Debunked: Why We Can't Get Enough Of Prima

Let’s get this straight—CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient found in hemp plants and it alone will definitely not get you high. What it will do is ease symptoms tied to chronic pain, anxiety, and elevate an overall relaxed mood. With its laundry list of naturally occurring benefits, CBD has skyrocketed in popularity and is much more than something to puff. It's now an ingredient listed at the top of many skincare labels found in stores like Sephora, CVS, and now Box of Style's online Member Marketplace

We are big proponents of trying out the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and wellness. Our current obsession? Los Angeles based wellness and skincare company, Prima. Not only do we love that they are local to our home base, but are also intrigued and excited about their unique CBD product offerings.

With their holistic science backed formula, Prima products are the new-age self-care options we can’t get enough of. We've even curated two of our favorites for our Box of Style community. Now you can treat yourself to their R+R Cream and Night Magic facial oil featured in our Member Marketplace at exclusive prices. Read on for more about each product's benefits and why we want to share them with you.

R+R Cream
Benefits: This advanced recovery rub comprises Prima's pure, whole plant extract with naturally occurring CBD along with a soothing botanical blend that encourages whole-body recovery.
How To Use: Apply as needed to muscles and joints that are craving some comfort. 

Night Magic
Benefits: Jam packed with potent botanicals, Vitamins E & K, CBD, and much more—this transformative oil works hard to bring you soft, bright, and intensely hydrated skin while you sleep. 
How To Use: Apply 4-5 drops after washing your face to slightly damp skin for optimal absorption. Repeat nightly for best results. 

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