July 13, 2022

Pack the Ultimate Summer Carry-On with These Luxurious Products

Every season, we build our curations with your plans in mind. So when it was time to curate our summer box, of course we took into consideration any road trips or vacations you might have planned. The La Plage Tote, designed by Le Bar Marché, was chosen because not only is it a great bag to bring to the beach or an impromptu picnic, but it also makes the chicest carry-on or weekender.

By getting our current curation, you can add this tote to your summer style (as well as 4 other additions to your beauty and wardrobe that are perfect to take along on all your adventures this season), but all of our members also get access to The Shoppe, where we’ve added tons of luxurious products that will help you pack the ultimate summer carry-on! And even better, you get get them all for an exclusive price!

If you’re currently planning an excursion, we can offer some help. Le Bar Marché’s co-founder Helena Lau—who frequently travels for work an inspiration with business partner Heather Hubbard—laid out a few of her favorite items to toss into a tote feel like a jetsetting pro. Read on to learn what pampering skincare, sleeping aids, effortless wearables, and more will elevate your summer getaway—no matter where you’re headed!


Oversized Tote

“A well built bag can elevate your look and hold all your essentials,” Lau explains. “We had this obsession in mind when we created the La Plage tote. It’s perfect for everyday or a weekend trip.”

Throw Blanket/Large Scarf

For chilly airplanes and breezy summer nights, this multi-purpose piece is perfect to throw into your carry-on.

Sleeping Mask

Sleeping on planes isn’t always the most comfortable, but a silky sleep mask can help. Not only will it shut out any light, but it’s super gentle on your skin. This set also includes a silky pillowcase you can bring to the hotel for good hair days every day.

Oversized Shirt

Lau tells us that she loves to keep an oversized shirt in her carry-on just in case she needs to do a wardrobe change or add a layer. “It’s super versatile and can instantly polish your look,” she says. “We like keeping one handy for a quick throw-on. Wear it with one shoulder off or throw it over your bikini as a cover-up. We love to play with different ways to wear it.”

Versatile Jewelry

It’s always helpful to keep a few easy-to-wear pieces in your carry-on, in case your checked bag goes missing or is delayed. A simple pair of gold hoops will never let you down and are a simple way to dress up whatever you have on.

Hand Sanitizer

As an added layer of protection on the plane or in high traffic places, a good hand sanitizer is such a useful addition. We love this one for its bright citrus scent.

Skincare Mask

Lau says she and Hubbard love to pack skincare that keeps them hydrated on the plane. Not only does this help with the dry environment, but it also makes good use of your travel time and you’ll arrive looking well-rested and glowy. “We take wellness very seriously at Le Bar Marché, so we never fly without having our essentials for jetsetting: Olive oil packets, a jar of our LBM raw honey, and some super hydrating face mask to keeping our hair and skin in optimum health and our inflammation at bay,” she explains.

Cord Organizer

Traveling with all your tech gadgets? A sleek organizer can keep your carry-on from turning into a tangled mess or cords.

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