August 05, 2022

Our Evening at HEIMAT Los Angeles Was a Celebration of Wellness

Self-care is something of utmost importance to us here at CURATEUR, and it was one of the inspiring forces when Rachel Zoe founded this membership years ago. For so many people, wellness is a key component in this, whether that be through fitness, meditation, eating nourishing foods, or using products that give your body the TLC it needs. That’s why we were thrilled to partner with HEIMAT and GRAZIA to celebrate the multifaceted, wellness-focused space’s first US location with an evening celebrating the practice of self-care.

If you’re not yet familiar with HEIMAT, it’s a membership-based community that offers fitness, spa experiences, co-working spaces, and even a stunning eatery all under one roof (and all beautifully designed, we might add!). Getting to be one of the first brands to partner with HEIMET and show a group of our own members as well as local standouts in the wellness community all that this space has to offer was truly an honor.

Upon arrival, guests checked out activations by Route and Marrin Costello Jewelry and enjoyed wellness treats from ELEMENTS of Balance and CORE while admiring HEIMAT’s gorgeous clubhouse. Then we began our panel discussion featuring an impressive roster of women entrepreneurs across a variety of industries: Kirsty Godso is a Nike trainer and founder of MADE OF whey protein isolate; Amanda Kloots is a TV personality, author, and creator or Amanda Kloots Fitness; Emily Jackson is the founder and CEO of IVL Collective and Studio IVL; Marrin Costello is a business consultant, radio host, and founder of Marrin Costello Jewelry; and  Bo Stanley is a pro surfer, model, and body advocate.

Hosted by CURATEUR‘s Head of Social and Founder/CEO of Cherry Creative, Marissa Stahl, our panel discussion touched on each business woman’s career path and a few of the ways they make wellness a priority. There were so many inspiring kernels of wisdom shared throughout the night. “We are so lucky to be able to stand on our feet and move,” said Kloots. “It shouldn’t be a chore.” As for how she makes time for fitness in a busy schedule, the single mom went on to share that jumping rope (often while multitasking) even for 10 minutes a day is a must. Stanley also chimed in about the importance of fitting in fitness, and that the reasoning goes way beyond the superficial. “It is so much more than trying to change the size of my body,” said the body positivity champion.

When asked about the wellness trends in LA versus NYC, Godso explained that while she believes the East Coast mecca has the advantage when it comes to fitness options, Los Angeles is more focused on recovery, energetic work, and holistic lifestyles. “LA is the epicenter of wellness, treating your body well, and Erewhon,” she joked to the crowd.

As for career advice, Jackson gave the memorable memo that “decisions determine destiny,” and Costello suggested that those on their own entrepreneurial path try to enjoy the moments in between your greatest struggles and greatest successes, wisdom imparted by a beloved family member. “Between the highs and lows is the sweet spot,” she said.

After the informative discussion, our panelists and an intimate group of guests including Elizabeth Turner, Jacey Duprie, Kara Del Toro, Marnie Alton, Alex Jay, Alyssa Lynch, and Anne Marie Kortright Martinez enjoyed an epic meal at Mother Tongue. Each of these attendees also got to head out with a gift bag filled with wellness products courtesy of GRAZIA, Wander Beauty, and IVL Collective.

We cannot wait to announce even more upcoming events and the ways our members can participate, but until then we hope you’ll enjoy the highlights of this magical evening. Thanks again to all our sponsors, our lovely panelists, and of course the guests in attendance.


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