February 09, 2021

Our Collective Community: SWEAT

At CURATEUR, our mission is to continue to add value to our members’ lives. The Collective upholds that goal by curating digital, bespoke offerings from our brand partners across verticals like fashion, beauty, wellness, and home.  

In 2015, personal trainer Kayla Itsines launched Sweat with Kayla introducing her BBS program to the world. Within a year of its release, it reached #1 in the App Store in more than 142 countries.

The app’s name changed to SWEAT in May of 2017, and personal trainers Kelsey Wells and Sjana Elise joined the team with their PWR and BAM (Body and Mind) programs. In response to requests from the community, Kayla also launched BBG Stronger—her gym-based weights program. It was then that she also welcomed fitness trainers Chontel Duncan, Stephanie Sanzo, Ania Tippkemper and Phyllicia Bonanno, and Britany Williams, to the SWEAT team. 

Over the years, the BBG Community has grown to more than 40 million followers across Kayla’s social media accounts. It’s now a community of incredible women from all over the world, who provide support to each other on their health and fitness journeys. 

Between Kayla and her SWEAT team, they offer programs that range from zero-equipment workouts, to barre, yoga and gym training. If you are new to working out or it has been a while since you hit the gym, then the best place to start is building your base fitness with eight weeks of BBG Beginner. These weeks are designed to progress your fitness with lower-intensity exercises that prepare you for the high-intensity training you’ll find in BBG and BBG Stronger. Alternatively, if you are looking for more mindful base workouts then we recommend trying a yoga or barre session. There is truly an option for all workout styles! 

Click here to access the CURATEUR member-only SWEAT offering. And if you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out our concierge team who will help you navigate through the check out process. 

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