March 08, 2021

Our Collective Community: O CALM

At CURATEUR, our mission is to add value to our members live’s beyond the curation. Through The Collective, we partner with brands to create digital, bespoke offerings across verticals like fashion, beauty, wellness and home. 

We are so pleased to announce that O Calm , the natural and sustainable cosmetic brand that honors traditional Korean beauty philosophies and heritage, is our newest partnership addition to The Collective

In a time where the world may seem in flux, O Calm, which is derived from “Au Calme” in French, aims to bring serenity to the skincare industry. Though they are a newly launched brand, they have major goals to revolutionize the way you think about and approach skincare. If we all learned something this past year, it’s the importance of slowing down and carving out time for ourselves and personal care. And O Calm lends a big helping hand in doing so. 

For this exclusive partnership, O Calm is providing CURATEUR members-only 30% off their first order and including a complimentary 3-Step Mask Set as a special  gift with purchase. 

Wondering what to try first? Here is a list of O Calm’s Yuja Hydra Collection products and the magic that comes with adding them to your self-care routine. 

Step 1: Yuja Peeling
Omiansoo™based mild peeling gel exfoliator that smooths out the skin with gentle exfoliation. Purify your pores while hydrating them. Leaves the skin radiant, hydrated, and refreshed with Yuja oil and other plant-based oil ingredients

Step 2: Yuja Cleansing
Omiansoo™ based cleanser that detoxifies, invigorates, and removes impurities without irritation. Lovely notes of Yuja Oil that calms the body and the mind. The Yuja Hydra Cleansing foam is for all skin types. Has a rich lather with a soft and fine grain that helps remove sebum and makeup. Expect a clean and brisk-feeling finish. 

Step 3: Yuja Toner
Omiansoo™ based moisture-filled toner that hydrates your skin revealing its vibrance + radiance. Detoxify while hydrating the skin down to the dermis and restore the pH level

Step 4: Yuja Multigel
Omiansoo™ based gel that combats hyper-pigmentation, brightens, and evens skin tones. The first all-over hydrating gel-cream that quickly penetrates the skin with a refreshing finish to replenish the moisture barrier. Can be used for the face,body and hair. 

Step 5: Yuja Eye Mask
Omiansoo™ based eye patch gel that awakens, brightens and tightens yours under eyes. See the difference after one use! Our hydrogel patch that hydrates and nourishes the dryness-prone skin around the eyes with Yuja extract.

Step 6: Yuja Sleeping Mask
Omiansoo™ secret layer. A luxurious soufflé, liquid velvet gel texture that locks in moisture and repairs your skin while you sleep. Wake up to your long-awaited dewy, hydrated, velvety smooth skin. Is it soufflé? Lemon meringue?

O Calm patented powerful formulas Omiansoo™, Age-Delay Dormin Complex™, and K-Healing Forest™ in Korea with Beauty experts who are industry veterans mastering Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dior.

Want to learn more about O calms philosophy and product range. Head over to The Collective portal to check out the dedicated link made just for you. 

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