January 08, 2024

Earn Big Benefits (and FREE Products!) Through Our New and Improved Loyalty Program

Love getting free products? We don’t blame you! That’s exactly how you’ll be rewarded through our Loyalty Program! While the program itself isn’t new, we’ve recently revamped it, offering you even bigger benefits! Not sure if you’re signed up? Or wondering what exactly you receive by joining? Keep reading, because we’re here to give you the scoop on how this program works—and how to make sure you’re getting the most out of it!

Our most commonly asked question is, how much does it cost to join? Our Loyalty Program is absolutely free, and anyone who shops on CURATEUR automatically has an account—even if you’re not a Curation Member! First things first: Visit our rewards page and click on “Get Started” at the top to create your free account. If you’re already part of our community, click “View Account” to check your point balance. Once you’ve got an account, it’s simple: Earn points through actions like shopping, referring friends, and connecting on social media, then use your points to score exclusive products like must-have beauty products, trendy accessories, and so much more.

And while it doesn’t cost a thing to join, the more you shop with us, the more benefits you earn! See below for the rundown on our loyalty tiers, plus more questions about the program answered. Ready to get rewarded? Head to the rewards page to take your next steps.

How Do I Earn Points?

It’s simple, the more you interact with our CURATEUR community, the more points you earn! Once you’re signed up, it’s easy to instantly add to your account by following CURATEUR on Facebook (100 points) and Instagram (100 points). You can also take a quick style quiz (50 points) to help us get to know your preferences (FYI, it helps us choose products we know you’re going to love!). You can also refer friends to our membership. Not only will you earn 1,000 points when they sign up, but they’ll receive $50 off a membership! Last but not least, just shop items you love in The Shoppe! We’ll add 10 points to your account for every $1 you spend, plus double or even TRIPLE for special events throughout the year!

What Happens After I Earn Points?

You can start redeeming free products with as little as 1,000 points! But the more points you earn, the bigger rewards—meaning the higher their retail value. So redeem right away or save up for something special—the choice is up to you!

What Products Can I Redeem?

We’re always changing and updating the redeemable products in our Loyalty Program. There’s always a variety of items from home decor to jewelry and handbags, so make sure you keep checking back for the latest and greatest. While these products can change, we always make sure to include our members’ favorites so we can be sure they’re things you’re going to use and love!

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