November 17, 2022

Try Lizzy Mathis' Holiday Dinner Party Hosting Tips for Your Seasonal Soirées

Lizzy Mathis wears many hats—TV/web host, culture writer, media influencer, wife, and mom among them. But arguably one of her favorite personas to take on is that of a domestic goddess, proven by the wealth of cooking, decorating, and entertaining content she provides on her YouTube channel as well as on her online lifestyle destination The Cool Mom Co. That said, we cannot imagine a better person to share tips for hosting a holiday dinner that’s warm, welcoming, and oh-so stylish.

Lizzy, who has been a friend of our CURATEUR-in-chief Rachel Zoe for a while now, recently collaborated with us on a curated collection in The Shoppe, and it’s got plenty of items that can help you prep for forthcoming festivities—from tabletop textiles to shimmering, party-ready jewelry—and it’s all available to our community for an exclusive value! In partnership with the launch of The Lizzy Mathis Edit, we thought we’d use this opportunity to connect with the cool mom herself and have her explain how she’d plan the chicest holiday dinner. And we think her advice will inspire your own get together this season!

Read ahead to learn six of Lizzy’s totally accessible tips that can take your holiday dinner to the next level and make it one of this season’s most special moments! Then, head to her edit in The Shoppe to score some of her favorite pieces for your wardrobe, kitchen, and more!

Think About Your Theme

“Yes, it’s a holiday party, but to make your event extra special, customize your theme with a color palette (like all metallics or muted tones) or more of a vibe (vintage or classic are always in style), this will help you gather what you need for your table setting, your invites, and any other home decor you need to get ready for your festivities.”


Plan Your Perfect Menu

Personally, I like to go for family style during my holiday dinner parties. It’s a little less formal, but feels really intimate. Plus it forces people to engage, so everyone gets to know each other as they pass around dishes. And selfishly, it means that as I host I’m not running back and forth to the kitchen plating everyone’s food for each course! Some of my favorite family style dishes for a holiday party include my caviar charcuterie board, my southern baked mac and cheese, my rainbow chopped salad, and buttermilk biscuits in addition to some of the classics like a roast chicken or turkey, mashed sweet potato casserole, and roasted veggies!”

Don’t Forget the Florals

“A little greenery makes any dinner party come to life! For winter you can even forage some beautiful branches from outside! Other options for this time of year include eucalyptus, ranunculus, mums or marigolds, and protea, all of which you can probably find at your local grocery store. Of course you can always leave it to the pros: Order one arrangement for your table centerpiece and a second to your guest bathroom to make it extra welcoming!”

Add Flair to the Table

Make place settings pop with a piece of fruit (like a beautiful red pear) or an ornament so your table is Instagram-ready! And don’t forget name cards! You’ll look so professional and no one will have to stress about where to sit. Put some new friends next to old ones so everyone gets to know each other better. After all, that’s what the holidays are all about!”

Prepare Some Icebreakers

“Speaking of getting to know each other, I recommend preparing some kind of icebreaker game to get the convo flowing (and avoid any awkward silences). Ask everyone to share their favorite holiday memory or what they’re thankful for! There are also a ton of ready-made card games to offer even more lively questions!”

Create an After Dinner Moment

“If you want to keep the mood going after dinner, it’s nice to have tea or coffee ready to serve with dessert. You can perk up after a big meal, plus it allows everyone to linger a little longer. Which means more time spent with the ones you love!”

Don’t Stress

You deserve to enjoy the party, too! As much as you think your guests want this chic dinner experience, they also want to hang out with you. So give yourself grace when things don’t go perfectly and focus instead on making memories with your guests!”

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