July 29, 2020

Easy As 1-2-3: How To Tie Our Peter Som Sarong

If you're obsessed with our summer curation just like us, chances are you're already figuring out all the different ways to style your new pieces. The item that takes the cake for most versatile? The Peter Som sarong! Before this curation, you may have only considered one or two ways to wear one. We are here to show you that there are actually so many ways to style it (than we ever could have guessed!) Ahead, we highlight the ways our members have worn their sarong and how you can easily do the same. 

Sultry Dress: Your new favorite silhouette
Begin by throwing one end over your shoulder, letting a little bit of slack hang. The other will hand hold the adjacent corner down by your hip. With the corner down at your hip, pull it around your lower back and have it go under the slack that is hanging. Next, you're going to pull the slack back around your front and tie with the adjacent corner that went behind the lower back. These corners will meet in the middle of your waist to tie. Voila! 
Other Dress Option: For a comfier, airier option—try a flowy dress. Tie the top two adjacent corners over one shoulder so the sarong lays across your body, front and back. (And don't worry, there's still a side slit—va-va-voom!) 
Photo by: @sugarcanesweetblog

Classic Wrap Skirt: For a quick cover-up before hitting the pool or beach
Simply tie around your waist and over your swimsuit for a quick poolside look!
Photo by: @lizostyle

Over The Shoulders: The cherry on top of your favorite summer look 
Drape over your shoulders like a shawl as an alt to a jacket for the warmer months. 

Photo by: @jkstyle1

Tied-Up Top: A must-try for the warm nights and staycations 
Take one end of sarong and wrap it around your the back of your neck while the rest of the material lays it diagonally across your chest. Feed the same end of the sarong under the part that is laying on your chest to create an X. To finish, tie the two ends behind you at your waist. Done!
Photo by: @chictalkch

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