September 23, 2019

In a post-Marie Kondo world, there's no excuse for a closet that is bursting at the seams. The solution: A capsule wardrobe! That is, a seasonal selection of 37 core pieces, whether apparel or accessories, that highlight and define your personal style without weighing you down. It's important to note that while your chosen staples should feel fluid and adaptable, they don't need to be "basic" as we've come to understand the term. Rather, a capsule wardrobe is an opportunity to play outside the lines and experiment with neo-basics that make getting dressed each day a thrill. Ahead, we draw ideas for creating your own capsule wardrobe, of course with room to include a few fall favorites from our Box of Style

Chunky Knit And Chain Necklace

Orange is the new black. Opt for a bold-colored knit to stand out in a crowd, then layer on chain jewelry for a double-statement.

Neutral Prints & Newsboy Add-Ons

Test the waters on an all-over snake print by sticking to a neutral color palette. Next, mix and match black and brown shades from your cross-body bag to your footwear and Wayfarer shades for an eclectic assortment that works.

Denim Jumpsuit And A Pink Pout


A sleek denim jumpsuit is a hero inclusion in any capsule wardrobe. Balance out the utilitarian vibe with feminine touches, like a pink pout, smooth skin and platform heels. As we get closer to winter, layer a turtleneck underneath to keep warm.


All imagery sourced from Pinterest.