December 12, 2019

How Rachel Infuses Daily Life With Her Winter Box Curations

Inject glamour into your everyday life with products found in your Winter Box of Style. From beauty and skincare to fashion finds and home accents—this season’s selections will have you looking and feeling your best far beyond the colder months. We asked our founder, Rachel Zoe, to share how she is styling each item (and how you can do the same).  

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti Aging Crème
Rachel attributes her radiant complexion to many things, but most importantly—topnotch skincare. In her heavy rotation, you’ll find an assortment of oils, serums, and a bulletproof anti aging cream that locks in the necessary moisture for healthy skin. That’s why she selected the luxurious yet reliable face cream concocted by skincare veterans, Estée Lauder. Rachel suggests applying a dollop of Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti Aging Crème morning and night for the optimal canvas for makeup application (and glamorous glow!). “Plus the gleaming gold pot looks gorgeous on any vanity.”  

Maison Du Soir Floral Robe
If we told you that effortless style could also be glamorous, would you believe us? Well, Rachel proves it to be true with one article of clothing which has been coined as the Luxe Layer—Maison Du Soir’s Floral Robe. This silky addition is incredibly versatile and your newest, evergreen staple. Rachel’s go-to styling tactic is draping it over a blouse, a pair of dark flared denim, and wedge heels. Whether you’re stepping out to run errands, lounging in the warmth of your own home, or hosting a holiday feast, this robe-turned-duster will surely earn its keep as a wardrobe essential—just like Rachel’s. 

AF by Andrea Fohrman Diamond Pendant
Layering in winter is crucial for warmth (and style). But have you considered layering your necklaces?  A tiered look of different necklaces (gold or silver) is a great way to add to any outfit—casual or dressy. Rachel loves to layer jewelry and mix metals, “delicate pendants like this are ideal for layering because they don’t overpower.” So, let the AF by Andrea Fohrman’s Diamond Pendant necklace speak for itself and wear it alone, or layer it with a few other chains for a bolder statement look. 

Rachel Zoe X LORAC Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette 
Create your most memorable beauty look of 2019 with the Rachel Zoe X LORAC Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette. Whether you gravitate toward warmer or cooler tones, we’ve got you covered. Rachel is a smokey eye expert and selected a combination of colors that will suit any complexion. For perfect execution, she suggests that you apply a darker shade in the outer corner then blend to the center and in the crease. To really make your eyes pop, add a lighter tone in the inner corner and under the brow bone. 

Ethics Supply Co. Starry Night Candle
“I love nothing more than lighting a luxe candle in the colder months,” says Rachel, “it’s an easy way to set the mood and refresh any space.” The Starry Night Candle by Ethics Supply Co. will look elegant on any side table, nightstand, or desk. Rachel makes sure to have this lit during time at home when she’s hosting or just hanging out with her family.