February 04, 2020

Here's What You Need To Know About Our Refer A Friend Program

The only thing better than scoring a stylish find is scoring it at a discount. That's why we’ve made it possible for our members to score a little extra off ($25 to be exact) for each friend they refer to Box of Style. The more friends you refer, the more $$$ off your next box installment(s). Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not! Here’s how it all works:

Snag your personalized referral link by clicking the “Get $25” call out at the top of this page. You can copy and paste the code to send to at a later date or email it directly to a friend. There is so limit on the amount of people you can share it with so send to as many friends as you'd like. Oh, and it never expires!

Just a heads up, if your friend has used the link to sign up for their Box of Style membership, the $25 off only works on their first season. So if they continue to renew their membership, they will be paying the regular price for each new season thereafter. The special $25 off discount for new members is a one-time thing and only rewarded on the first initial box they purchase (for annual subscriptions).

It’s no secret that our Box of Style members are typically the most fashionable women in their friend group. So next time a friend asks where you got that cute towel, pair of earrings, or handbag, spread the love by telling her about the perks of being a Box of Style member. And don't forget, when she uses your code to sign up, you’ll get money off your upcoming box on your next charge date—it's a win-win!