September 25, 2023

This Fall Skincare Routine Is Focused on Repair and Renewal

Fall has officially arrived, but is your skincare routine still stuck in summer? If so, you’re due for a refresh! As the weather changes, your skin does too—meaning you probably need to swap in a few different products. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. The Shoppe has been restocked for the season with everything you need to feel like your most radiant self, inside and out.

Skincare is never one-size-fits all, but this time of year many of us are in need of a little extra restoration and repair from any damage due to summer’s sunnier days. Layering in additional moisture and adding in a retinoid are just two simple ways you can instantly update your daily regimen. Want to go a step further? Get the most out of your skincare by incorporating innovative tools. Think LED and massage to feel like you’re getting a professional facial at home!

Ahead, read more about our recommended fall skincare steps plus the products to help you incorporate each one into your routine.

Double Cleanse

Did you know that some makeup and sunscreen can be hard to fully remove with a standard one-step cleanser? By starting with an oil or balm, you can break everything down much better. Then go in with a cream or hydrating foaming cleanser to gently wash away anything remaining without drying out your skin.



Fight Acne

Struggling with blemishes? Blue LED light can help to banish acne-causing bacteria so skin is calmer and clearer.

Infuse Hydration

If you’re incorporating a cell-renewing step like Vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acid, or retinol (see below), it’s so important to ensure your skin has plenty of moisture. So going in with a lightweight layer of hydration (we think this serum and infusing tool is perfect) beforehand can help prevent dryness and irritation so your complexion looks happy and healthy.

Reveal Radiance

If you’ve never tried a retinoid in your routine, this season might be a good time to start. Muri Lelu’s Grass Nuit Rebirth Retinoid is a great entry point, as it contains 1% Granactive Retinoid to overturn surface skin cells (revealing smoother, brighter, more refined, and more toned skin) and a proprietary Stress Support Complex™ to reduce inflammation and provide barrier protection. Try this step just 1-2 times per week at night to start, and be sure not to combine it with other actives like AHAs.

Layer Moisture

Every skin type (yes, even oily skin!) needs moisturizer daily, but that’s especially true in fall’s cooler, drier weather. This season look for products with a richer texture and emollient ingredients like shea butter or rosehip seed oil—both of which you’ll find in LUNALIS’ Hydra Renewal Cream. If you’re not using a retinoid, apply your moisturizer after your cleanser and serum steps. If you are, apply after your retinoid, ensuring each prior step has been fully absorbed first.


In fall we tend to crave grounding rituals at home, and you can try this out with your skincare! One simple way is to add in a massage step. This vibrating tool is easy to use and is the perfect finishing touch to your routine as it helps product better absorb while relieving any tension in your face and jaw. Plus the sonic vibrations can help encourage circulation and reduce puffiness for a more sculpted appearance.

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