November 22, 2020

Our Collective Community: Sakara Life

At CURATEUR, our mission is to continue to add value to our members’ lives by curating bespoke offerings with brands across different verticals like fashion, beauty, wellness, and home. We couldn’t be more excited to dive deeper into our partnership with the plant-based meal delivery service, Sakara Life. Ahead, we chat with co-Founder, Danielle DuBoise, to learn more about her passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and making it easy for the rest of us. 

What inspired you to start your wellness brand?
Sakara was created when my partner Whitney and I hit our personal rock bottoms. I suffered from disordered eating and Whitney had a lifelong struggle with acne. I was studying medicine and working in a hospital and was inspired to study nutrition to help myself, Whitney, and all the patients I was seeing. In creating this food system, we realized how transformative it was and decided we wanted to help other people transform through the power of food as medicine. From this, Sakara was born. We’ve made it our mission to help people understand the power of nourishment while listening and having reverence for your body.

What sets you apart from other meal service subscriptions?
We’re not a meal service—we’re a nutrition program that promises transformation. At Sakara, we believe in transparency and creating trusting relationships with each and every Sakaralite. We wholeheartedly believe that information is power. That is why we are committed to giving our clients the knowledge and tools to make healthy choices.

Here at Sakara, we encourage listening to what your body needs. There is not a one-size fits all approach that works for nutrition. From products to meals, we utilize both science and spirit. We take a balanced approach between cutting-edge nutritional science and wisdom from various food systems that people have been studying for years. Things like Ayurveda and macrobiotics. From this unique philosophy, we created our nutrition program which serves as the foundation for optimal health and vitality. Sakara is geared toward helping people understand what it means to nourish your body and have a positive relationship to food. 

Do you have any advice for Sakara first timers?
My advice to people trying Sakara for the first time is to find their why or north star. Why do you want to transform and how do you want to feel? That is what truly helps us stick to long term health changes to make it a lifestyle. 

How often do you personally do the Sakara meal plan?
I eat Sakara every single day. I’m constantly on the go so having healthy, organic meals in my fridge that take zero effort to prepare is a blessing. I often share the dinners with my family and serve them as a side dish, so that I can spend time getting creative in the kitchen and try out some fun new recipes.

In addition to my meals, I also always need to keep snacks on hand for me and my little one. I love having our granolas with nut milk. These days, I also find myself reaching for our Energy Bars since they are jam packed with essential nutrients. They’re great for supporting stable energy levels, clarity, and alertness (without the downfalls of caffeine).

It’s been a crazy year. Tell us about your environment right now. Are you working from home or is your team back in the office?
This year has truly been unlike any other. I am beyond grateful that we’ve been able to continue to serving our clients during this stressful time and keeping them healthy and nourished. As of late, I’ve been splitting my time working from home and the office. As a company, we decided to implement a remote working environment with an option to use the office at limited capacity while following proper safety protocols and procedures. I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance from our office, so I’ve been going in every week to keep some sense of normalcy and routine. I’m so grateful to see some of our team members in person (with masks of course). It’s allowed us to re-connect and take a break from the constant Zoom meetings (the Zoom fatigue is real!).

How do you start your days? Do you believe in a daily routine?
Every day tends to look different for me. I love carving out time for myself each morning as a way to start my day. This year has been quite a rollercoaster and I find that spending 5-10 minutes of me time in the morning (when possible) has been so important and is very grounding for my soul.

Like our CURATEUR-in-Chief, Rachel Zoe, you and Whitney are two fearless female entrepreneurs. Any advice for our members who are looking to start their own business?
First and foremost, find your mission and what allows you to service others. Starting and running a business is hard work but finding what motivates you is so important. Throughout your journey, you will constantly be learning, problem solving, and growing. You should never feel too comfortable. Lean into the challenges and let your creative brain lead you to the next evolution of your business and self.

What’s next for Sakara Life? Any new and exciting launches to share for 2021?
We just launched our newest supplement pack, The Foundation: Prenatal. Whitney and I both struggled to find something on the market that was clean, safe, and effective so we decided to create our own. 

In 2021, we are continuing to launch new episodes bi-weekly on The Sakara Life Podcast, where we bring on the top experts in wellness, nutrition, business, and more. In the new year, we’ll be touching on a variety of topics and bringing on some exciting guests like Jaiya Ma, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, and more!


Try Sakara Life for yourself! As a CURATEUR member, you get 20% off your first meal program, plus more. Learn more here!

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