May 06, 2019

Brands In The Box: Edible Beauty


The struggle to find clean, effective beauty products is one we know all too well. While we receive samples of new products constantly, it’s the ones that deliver high-impact results without harsh, harmful ingredients that pique our interest. When this eye cream arrived on Rachel’s desk, she knew it had to be in the spring box–and not just for the sake of 24 karat gold flakes inside. When she heard it was safe enough to eat, she was sold. Here’s a little more on the brand behind the Gold Rush Eye Balm in the spring box: Edible Beauty


About The Founder 


As a naturopath and nutritionist at a natural fertility clinic, Anna Mitsios recommended her patients try to cut out the toxins not only from the foods they eat but also from the products they use every day. She quickly found out that was easier said than done. Not only were there few natural beauty brands, but there were also even fewer that could claim luxury and efficacy among their benefits, so she set out to create her own line. Harvesting ingredients found in some of the most remote parts of Australia, she created Edible Beauty. Since then, the brand has also added a Range of herbal teas to deliver radiant skin from the inside out.


What's in the Jar?


Why harvest ingredients from remote areas? The primary reason is that unlike many farmed ingredients, wild botanicals aren’t doused in chemicals. Also, exposure to extreme, unprotected growing conditions also allows the plants to develop a more complex antioxidant profile, which translates to more potent results. There are no other added phthalates or parabens, making the finished products technically edible. 


Our Favorites


In addition to the Gold Rush Eye Balm–delicately applied using your ring finger morning and night for optimal results–the line includes many standout products. Edible Beauty’s Belle Frais Cleansing Milk contains coconut oil, which helps to control skin’s oil production, and fruit enzymes help to boost radiance. Before moisturizing, massage the Snowflower Illuminating Face Oil into your skin to help replenish collagen and vibrancy.



Check out their site for more thoughtfully sourced products.