December 01, 2018

Some people love shopping for gifts; others, not so much. Some people are easy to shop for, and again, others not so much. What’s for certain is that if you’ve received an invite to the party, the only thing more daunting than what you’re going to wear is what to give the birthday girl. We hear you and we’ve come to offer a hand with securing the perfect birthday gift for her.

Birthday gifts for a sister, mother, wife, or whoever the special woman is must be many things: thoughtful, beautiful, practical, yet fun. They should say something about the recipient and should also be covetable. Below, find some of our favorite birthday present ideas for your mother, girlfriend, or the other leading ladies in your lives, categorized by age.

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30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Oh, the flirty thirties. The 30 milestone really marks her as a true adult, but that doesn’t mean the birthday gift has to be mature.

Good Birthday Gifts for Your Sister

She’s been with you through the good and the bad and now she’s entering a new chapter of her life with you by her side. You’ve caught her stealing your clothes time and again, so why not give her what she wants with some of these 30th birthday gift ideas for a sister? Some beautiful silk pajamas, like these from Olivia Von Halle will spoil her rotten. Throw in the matching silk eye mask for bonus points.

What to Get For Your Friend as a 30th Birthday Gift

birthday gifts for her - machete kate hoops

Many women really start to get serious about their anti aging skin care when they hit 30, so feel free to indulge her with beauty products she might not buy herself. Tatcha face masks make for great birthday gifts for a friend – plus fingers crossed she may even invite you over to sample them. 

A pair of beautiful earrings like the Machete Kate Hoops from the Summer Box of Style also make a unique birthday gift for a friend that she’s sure to love.

Birthday Present Ideas For Your Daughter: 

A high-quality suitcase makes for a great birthday idea for women in their thirties. An Away suitcase is practical and something she likely wouldn’t splurge on herself.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

We’d suggest airing on the side of practicality when choosing birthday presents for a wife or sister in her forties. Whether she has young children or not, we’re sure she can use some pampering!

Unique Gifts For Your Sister On Her 40th Birthday 

birthday gifts for her - macrame bag

A beautiful bag that she can use all summer long is a great present – regardless of her age. The Danielle Nicole Macramé Handbag from the Summer Box of Style is a perfect 40th birthday gift idea for her.

Finding the Best Birthday Gifts For Friends: 

For a never-fail 40th birthday gift idea for a friend, look no further than a luxurious silk scarf. She’ll adore the versatility and chic look of this accessory. Plus, you can show her the many ways it can be styled!

Great 40th Birthday Gifts For Your Wife

You may or may not have been married for very long, but she definitely deserves more jewelry. This time, opt for a really unique statement necklace like this one from Alighieri. Anything from La Perla is also acceptable.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Once a woman reaches her fifties, she’s earned the really great gifts. Here are some of our favorite 50th birthday gift ideas for a wife, sister, or mother. 

Birthday Presents For Your Mother

A birthday idea for women in their 50s that we always love giving and won’t break the bank is a beautiful coffee table book. Does your mother love interiors? Try this one. What about photography? Go for this one.

birthday gifts for her - sister

An Unforgettable 50th Birthday Gift For a Sister 

She’ll love a little TLC on her birthday, so why not buy her a massage at her favorite spa? Or, if you want to go the at-home spa route as a surprise birthday idea for your sister, opt for some indulgent bath essentials from Ortigia.

Ideas For Your Wife’s 50th Birthday Present

Now that the kids are out of the house (if there are kids), surprise your beautiful wife with a luxurious trip. Hasn’t she always wanted to go to Provence?

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

She’s moving into her golden years, so a birthday present idea for her needs to sparkle as much as she does. She’s seen a lot and probably has everything, so surprise her with a gift that is unusual or an experience she’ll remember.

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Gifts for a Mother’s Birthday From a Daughter

This seems like an obvious 60th birthday gift idea for your mother, but treating her to a decadent perfume is always well received. Make sure it’s out-of-the-ordinary, like her. We love Hermès Eau des Merveilles

Birthday Ideas for a Friend That Are Guaranteed to Surprise

A beautifully framed picture from when you were younger is a touching and unique birthday gift for a friend. This Aerin one is a gem!

Best Birthday Present For the Wife Turning 60

When was the last time the two of you saw a show? Does she love Broadway, the opera or ballet? Surprise her with tickets to something you will both enjoy.

birthday gifts for her - box of style

A Birthday Idea for Women of Any and All Ages

What do you get a woman who literally has everything? A Box of Style Subscription! Give this birthday present to your friend, wife, sister, daughter, or mother as the gift that keeps coming. Box of Style is a subscription fashion box with the best beauty and fashion products personally selected by Rachel Zoe. Four times a year she’ll receive her box and think of you. Birthday gift for her, sorted!