March 02, 2021

Behind the Brand: Vita Fede

In our spring curation, we are lucky enough to offer not one but two products by female-founded brand, Vita Fede. Both the adjustable earrings and stacked rings from the Vita Fede Cassio collection are customizable and hold the power to transform just about any outfit. It was a no brainer that Rachel Zoe wanted to work with such an incredible brand and offer their products to our members. Want to learn more about the who behind these must-have accessories? Look no further. 

Ahead, you’ll get to know more about Vita Fede, the inspiration behind their products, and why we selected them to be apart of this season’s curation.

In your own words, can you please describe the impetus of the brand, Vita Fede? 
I’ve always believed that beautiful objects (and the stories behind them) can connect to people’s lives in unexpected ways. So really, this idea of transformation and meaning is what drives Vita Fede and my approach to design. I aim to make jewelry that endures—classic, yet modern, and whose minimalism only highlights its details and hand craftsmanship.

What inspired you to start your own accessories line? 
I’ve always loved accessories. They have the power to transform an outfit and even be a talking point! Whether it’s a keepsake, a vintage find, or simply how it’s styled…accessories add interest to any outfit because they are just so interesting.

What put the Vita Fede brand on the map? How has the initial style evolved since (if at all)?
Our first piece, the Titan bracelet, was embraced not only for its own worthy moment but also because it styled beautifully alongside fine jewelry. I think that being able to make these pieces your own, whether it’s through physical customization or styling it with other jewelry pieces, is what really set us apart early on. People who wore it loved talking about it. That word of mouth helped us evolve into a full collection of jewelry that honors the same principles of classic yet modern style, quality, and hidden details.

What influences the Vita Fede aesthetic and style?
My Japanese heritage. Particularly my grandmother and mother who are incredibly elegant and fashionable, definitely influenced Vita Fede’s aesthetic. The beauty of Italian craftsmanship. The laid back vibe of Los Angeles. The modern spontaneity of New York City. Vita Fede is a real celebration of the global perspectives that have influenced my own life.

How would you style the Casio Pave Ring and Casio Earrings found in our spring curation?
The Cassio collection is one of my favorites! The Cassio ring and earrings both have detachable, interlocking pieces that can be styled so many different ways. In fact, the earrings can be styled 10 different ways from stud, to hoops, to a real statement piece. I like starting out understated during the day time and then attaching more hoops before heading out for the evening.

Why is it so important to invest in high quality jewelry and accessories?
My very wise (and very, very fashionable) grandmother always told me that it’s better to buy one quality piece that will last forever than to buy multiple pieces that you don’t love as much. And she was right. My jewelry box is filled with pieces that have stories that make me smile and will last forever. And that’s really what jewelry and accessories are all about.

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