May 07, 2019

Behind The Brand is our franchise that features the collections, ethos and stories of brands included in the Box of Style.

Our collective obsession with working out has recently reached new heights. Skin Gym, an LA based wellness brand, launched by Karina Sulzer with the goal of replacing invasive anti-aging procedures with targeted facial massage tools to work out your face. Their range of products include a Gua Sha stone made from soothing rose quartz, which was included in our Spring 2019 edition, and helps to promote facial tone, reduce lines and encourage lymphatic drainage. 

Box of Style: What inspired the creation of Skin Gym? 

Skin Gym: Inspiration for the brand came from my own personal need for the tools I sell. Our mission is to go back to the basics, cutting out the needles and fancy tools while advocating for a natural, authentic, and a healthy Skin Gym girl. Skin Gym is a cruelty-free brand that does not use any harsh chemicals in our products. Just like you workout your body, you need to workout your face — your facial muscles are just as important. We believe when you promote blood circulation and lymph drainage, you encourage healthy glowing skin. Our products bring natural, affordable and quality beauty tools into the comfort of your own home, and you can incorporate them into your existing beauty routine. 

Box of Style: Why are you excited to be a part of Box of Style? 

Skin Gym: We're so excited to be a part of the Box of Style because Rachel is a trailblazer and is always introducing new brands to the public, so it is exciting for us to be a part of that. We love all the curated items in the Box of Style because it gives people a chance to find and try new things. 

Box of Style: What is next for your brand?

Skin Gym: We just opened our first Los Angeles outpost, Skin Camp, for all your facial needs. It's the FIRST facial workout bar in Los Angeles and it is an open-concept bar with workouts of differing lengths. There's a Level I (15 minute), Level II (30 minute) and Level III (45 minute) treatment. Each workout incorporates our Signature Lift & Contour facial massage, and we use locally-sourced, organically-grown skincare products along with our Skin Gym tools. We also incorporate micro-current, LED and Oxygen Vitamin blasts depending on your individual needs. 

Box of Style: What mission means a lot to your brand? 

Skin Gym: We strive to empower women by taking their beauty into their hands. We encourage them to start skin care regimens, facial muscle exercise routines and take self care seriously. In turn this promotes self confidence and self love, which only makes women feel better about themselves. We strive to impact women by educating them. When you have the tools and the information you need to transform oneself this will only encourage a positive body image. 


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