April 24, 2022

Behind the Brand: Rachel Zoe Collection

If you know anything about our CURATEUR-in-chief Rachel Zoe, you know she lives for a fabulous accessory. So when it came time to curate our spring box, she knew she wanted to offer our members something that would perfectly accentuate all their looks this season (and beyond). Alongside her trusted design team, Rachel dreamed up the Edessi Crossbody and Belt Bag and we believe it’s going to be your favorite way to accessorize everything from maxi dresses to pastel suits—or whatever else you’re excited to wear in the coming months!

Rachel’s must-haves for creating the ultimate spring bag were functionality, versatility, and of course great design. It wasn’t an easy feat, but she and our team were committed to offering members something they’ll love putting on as well as something out of which they can get maximum mileage.

To share more about the creative process and favorite ways to wear the Edessi bag, we went straight to the source. Ahead, hear the story in Rachel’s own words and get inspired to style so many spring looks. Didn’t get this season’s box? Shop more Rachel Zoe Collection styles (including tons of gorgeous bags) in The Shoppe now!

You put on your design hat for the box this season! What do you love most about creating pieces for Rachel Zoe Collection?
When I started to design my own collection, it was a natural progression from my experience styling and my life long passion for fashion. Designing pieces really allows me to use so much of what I have learned throughout my career, like what women want to wear, what makes them feel good, and also what may be missing from their wardrobes. And of course it is always so satisfying to see my ideas come to life through a great outfit.


Why is a bag such an important part of a look, in your opinion?
I believe a bag has the ability to completely transform an outfit. It can dress it up or dress it down. For example, if you want to feel comfortable in jeans and a chic blouse, a luxe handbag instantly elevates the whole thing. You can be casual yet still polished and super confident with the right accessories. You can also use them to play with trends or styles without committing to a head-to-toe look. A little bit of edge, a little bit of color or pattern, whatever you want to experiment with. Of course you can never go wrong with a good classic.


What makes for a really great bag? One you reach for time and time again?
It has to have room for all my essentials and also go with a variety of outfits. We took both of these things into consideration while creating the Edessi. It was designed not-too-big so that it can be worn comfortably as a belt bag, but it is large enough to fit the biggest iPhone! Plus your keys, a good lipstick, and your wallet. The camel color also makes it so versatile in your wardrobe—it can be worn with everything.


Can you share a bit about the design process for the Edessi bag in the spring box?
I have a trusted team I collaborate with for my accessories. I knew I wanted a convertible bag and that I wanted that saddle silhouette that is timeless. Another must for me was a vegan leather material that feels luxurious, and I think we really accomplished that! We go back and forth, sharing inspiration imagery and other ideas until there is a tangible product we can test out. I always spend time trying out the samples before we start full production, and I knew we had gotten in right when I wore it out and got so many compliments.


How have you been styling the bag into your own wardrobe? And are there any other ways you’d like to see it worn in the wild?
My favorite ways to wear it have been on the hips with jeans and a cool blazer or cinching the waist of a flowy spring dress. Being a mom, having a bag that allows you to be hands-free is such a bonus. But I cannot wait to see people play with this their own way. One fun pro tip is removing the strap altogether and adding a colorful scarf, like the one you can choose to add to our spring box, to make it into a custom handbag.


What makes this such a great option for this season specifically?
Honestly, this bag can be worn year-long and I think our members will get so much mileage out of it! That said, spring has this inherent sense of ease and I think that is what this bag offers: In size, versatility, color. It is going to make getting dressed this season much easier.

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