June 09, 2020

Behind the Brand: Peter Som

Peter Som, fashion designer and creator of our summer must-have sarong, has always had an undeniable love for fashion. He and Rachel Zoe teamed up to reimagine a Som original print (taken straight from the runway) and serve it to our members. That’s how the sarong’s two unique and lively colorways came to life. 

Choose to celebrate the warmer months in an artistic arrangement of vibrant pinks found in the Rose Quartz print or play with the dark side in the daring purple and blue hues splashed on the Meteorite colorway. With its infinite ways to wear it, we guarantee that you’ll be reaching for the Som sarong all summer long—no matter your color preference. 

Ahead, we talk with Peter Som himself about the collaborative process for designing the sarong, the many ways to wear it, and much more. 

Box of Style: What inspired the creation of Peter Som?
Peter Som: I had the goal of starting my own line in fifth grade—if it sounds specific it’s because it was! We had taken a family trip to Paris and my sister bought issues of Paris Vogue and L’Officiel. When I read their pages, I was swept away with the world I had entered. Claude Montana, Thierry Mugler, and Chanel! 

As a kid who loved drawing clothes, I saw with my own eyes that there was an industry and a universe that I wanted to be a part of. I declared to my parents at ten years old that I was going to become a fashion designer. My aim has always been the same credo—to design effortlessly beautiful clothes that have a touch of romance.

Box of Style: What makes the brand and its story so unique?
Peter Som: Color, print, and pattern have always been part of my language. For me, fashion should let you dream—and I dream in color and pattern.  

Box of Style: Can you breakdown the process for creating the sarong found in our summer edit?
Peter Som: I wanted to use a print from my runway that would capture the relaxed chic attitude of summer, with a touch of romance of course. I worked with Rachel and her team to come up with two exclusive colorways of my Dream Floral print—Rose Quartz and Meteorite—that I’m super excited about. It’s actually a bit of a full circle moment for me because Rachel has been so supportive of my line from day one. So, to get to work with her again was really special.

Box of Style: What is your favorite way to style the sarong? What does it pair well with? 
Peter Som: First of all, the great thing about this sarong is that there are a dozen ways to wear it. My favorite is also probably the easiest—simply draped around your shoulders like a scarf. The material is so soft and perfect for those summer evenings when it gets a bit chilly. But it also makes an amazing poolside cover-up—knotted around the waist or tied halter style to make a dress—you really can’t go wrong.

Box of Style: What three words best describe your line and why?
Peter Som: Effortless, feminine, and colorful.

Box of Style:  What makes this collaboration with Rachel Zoe for Box of Style so special? 
Peter Som: We all know and love Rachel’s incredible sense of style. Being a part of Box of Style is a great opportunity for anyone anywhere to get hand selected items that are a fun addition to your wardrobe each season. And with Rachel’s curation, you’re getting trend-forward products by all different kinds of great brands. 

Box of Style: What is next for Peter Som?
Peter Som: I’m busy creating, collaborating, and for sure cooking. I’ve been working with some cool brands in fashion, lifestyle, home and culinary and am super excited for my upcoming projects.  

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