June 12, 2020

Behind the Brand: Panacea

Have you ever considered fashion to be a vehicle for self-expression? How about a creative outlet? For Head Designer and co-Founder of Panacea, Vivian Yolpak, both statements ring true. The up-and-coming jewelry brand behind our eye-catching white tasseled earrings was founded on a whim. And since its inception, has blossomed into a beautiful form of self-expression and creative freedom for its customers. 

How you feel one day versus another can be shown through your selection of clothing and accessories. Maybe one day you are feeling mellow, so you reach for your minimal gold hoops and a casual sundress. The next day, you are feeling energized and ready to hit the town, so you slip into something a bit more form-fitting. Either way, you want your jewelry ensemble to reflect your mood. So, whatever your style is, whatever you are seeking to dress yourself in on any given day, Panacea has an option just for you.

Ahead we chat with Yolpak about how Panacea came to be, her vision for her customers, what the brand stands for, and more. 

Box of Style: What inspired the creation of Panacea? 
Panacea: I’ve always had a creative side to me! After being laid off from my IT job in 2001, I decided to travel to Thailand. That is where I found a new love for jewelry. It started with me selling pieces that I designed with local artisans. The business grew fast. I had to open my own factory in Thailand just after a year of business. Soon thereafter, I created the “Panacea” brand.

Panacea was created for the purpose of bringing joy and beautiful jewelry to all styles of women. My love for design inspired me to create different types of jewelry. I love adding unique elements in each new design and exploring new styles. 

Box of Style: What makes your products so unique?
Panacea: We are unique because we offer a vast variety of jewelry. We have something that matches every style of woman. We offer handmade designs, minimalistic designs, trendy styles, and much more for every woman’s closet.

Box of Style: What three words best describe your line?
Panacea: Diversity, beauty, and joy. 

Box of Style: What are a few ways we can style the Beaded Tassel Earrings
Panacea: Wear them on the beach with your swimsuit for lunch. Wear them with a cute daytime summer dress while running errands. Wear them with a bodysuit and jeans for a fun night out.

Box of Style: What is one thing you’d like people to know about your brand that they haven’t heard anywhere else before?
Panacea: Panacea is defined as “the cure for all”. For us, it means we want to bring joy to all that wear our jewelry.

Box of Style: What inspired you to work with Box of Style? What makes this partnership special?
Panacea: I’ve followed Rachel Zoe for many years now, and I know she brings new trends and fashion to the marketplace. And I want to be part of it!

Box of Style: What is next for Panacea? 
Panacea: We are preparing for our Fall/Holiday Launch. However, this season will be different and most meaningful since we are coming out of unprecedented times. We are thankful for our health and for all those working at the frontlines. We will be designing more inspirational and sentimental pieces this season.

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