December 08, 2022

Behind the Brand: Nurse Jamie

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood (including our CURATEUR-in-chief Rachel Zoe) trust their skin to Nurse Jamie, a registered nurse and skincare expert. Between her sought-after treatments at Beauty Park Medical Spa in Los Angeles and her eponymous line of products and tools, she’s proven herself as a trusted source for anyone who wants to achieve healthier, glowier, and more rejuvenated skin. And now we’ve partnered with the brand to give our community special access to the tricks of her trade!

Nurse Jamie has been a favorite in The Shoppe since it first landed over a year ago, and now we’re thrilled to grow our partnership even further by including one of its cult favorite products in our winter curation! The TriAngle Facial Beaty Tool is multifaceted to give you benefits like better product absorption, increased circulation, and improved tone and firmness in just a few minutes! And that’s just one of the Rachel-approved items in this seasonal box, valued at over $400, and available to you for only $99.99 when you sign up for curations! But for those who want to shop Nurse Jamie’s products individually, we’ve refreshed our stock of her bestsellers in The Shoppe, and when you shop them through CURATEUR, they’re yours for an exclusive discount!

In honor of this partnership, we wanted to share the story of Nurse Jamie from the expert herself! Read on to learn how she knew skincare was her passion, what treatments celebrities love now, and of course how her top tools and products (including the TriAngle!) can give you red carpet-worthy skin, too!

Can you tell us about your path to becoming a renowned beauty expert? How and when did you know it was your calling?
I have always been a fan of beauty and skincare. I joined this industry in what I call the early stages, when injectables and lasers were still a taboo. I have always been a firm believer that when you look good, you feel good, you work good, and you do good. I swear when I put an effort into my appearance I just feel better—I call it “dopamine dressing for the skin”!


What do you think is the biggest skincare myth out there right now? And what one piece of skincare advice do you think isn’t shared enough?
I feel there has been an epidemic in what I call “Overexfoliation Nation.” I constantly see trends where people put harsh chemicals, like prescribed retinoids, or try new things on their skin that can completely strip the natural barrier of the skin, causing premature aging or leaving the skin unprotected when not used correctly.

In most cases I find these products are not done correctly at home. That is why I am a huge fan of beauty tools like the TriAngle when used with a less chemical ingredients like arnica oil or prickly pear oil, which protect your skin. The skin is like silk fabric, and you only get one!


We’d never ask you to spill specifics about your celebrity clientele, but can you tell us what the most popular skincare treatment at Beauty Park is lately?
For skin resurfacing treatments the Potenza Microneedling has a one-of-a-kind fusion tip used to enhance topical penetration to maximize results. I see moisturizers as the gasoline and beauty tools as the automobile—you need both to get somewhere. The Potenza Microneedling is able to penetrate the serums into deeper levels of the skin.

For lifting and tightening the skin and pre jowl area, the Trilift is its first of its kind. This state of the art machine uses dynamic muscle stimulation to firm and tone the muscles from within and plump the skin. The TriLift comes with four hand pieces that are versatile to use and target three aging elements sequentially: Structure, contour, and texture. It works by stimulating the natural rejuvenation process.


When you launched your own line of products, how did you want them to be different from anything else out on the market?
As a skin expert and a nurse, I was used to people coming in with different skin issues. I believed that a lot of these issues could have been prevented, and that is when I started coming up with the best ideas to prevent these skin issues.


What are some of your bestsellers and what kind of skincare needs is each best for?
The Uplift Face Roller has a unique hexagon shape that holds 24 massaging stones which temporarily energize, enhance, revive, and uplift your skin. Most people hold their stress in the jaw and neck area, and this tension can result in the loss of definition of the jawline, and your neck and face become one. 

I formulated the Miracle Base Beauty Oil with arnica oil, which is usually used for bruises and wound healing, but let me tell you it is a true miracle what it can do when you incorporate it into your skincare routine! 

The Beauty Bear is for side sleepers. While normal pillows crush the side you sleep on, the beauty bear cradles the face to protect its delicate tissue.


We are so thrilled for our members to receive your TriAngle Massaging Facial Tool in their winter boxes! What makes this tool such a great intro to your brand, if this is their first product from Nurse Jamie?
Nurse Jamie products are all about preventing and enhancing, and the TriAngle Massaging Facial Tool can do it all. This revolutionary beauty tool has two specialized massaging modes, normal or heated. It helps you get the most of your eye serums, moisturizers, and luxury face oil with the TriAngle high-frequency sonic technology that allows skincare products absorb better into the skin to restore glow and firmness to the face and neck.






Dermascrape Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbing & Skincare Enhancing Tool

Dermascrape Ultrasonic Tool

Nurse Jamie

Super-Cryo Duo Massaging Orbs

Super-Cryo Duo Massaging Orbs

Nurse Jamie

Dermalase AHA Exfoliating Mask

Dermalase AHA Exfoliating Mask

Nurse Jamie

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