March 13, 2023

Behind the Brand: Natasha Moor

There’s so much to love about Natasha Moor. From its professional quality products to its cruelty-free commitment, this beauty brand was a no-brainer to include in our new Spring Curation. For this season’s assortment, our CURATEUR-in-chief Rachel Zoe selected two of its bestsellers for our members to choose from: Moor Power Mascara and Kohl It Magic Eyeliner Pencil. Both of these makeup must-haves are versatile, easy-to-use, and will enhance all your beauty looks from day to night, so you can’t make a wrong decision!

We’re so confident you’ll fall for this brand, we wanted to give you the full scoop on its inspiring backstory—from the founder herself! Moor, who made the move from PR to makeup artist to beauty entrepreneur answered a few of our most burning questions, including how her former career informed what she wanted her brand to accomplish to how her customers influencer the products she creates, plus the eye trend she’s predicting for spring—and how the mascara and eye pencil in our latest curation can help you try it!

Read all this and more ahead, and if you’ve yet to sign up for our Spring Curation, hurry and claim yours HERE, as it’s only available for a limited time!


How did you get started working as a makeup artist?
I started my career working in PR and when I would organize events. Socialites and celebrities in Hong Kong would admire the technique I used, so I started doing it on the side as a hobby. I had always loved doing makeup on all my friends, even when I was a kid in school!

Sure enough, I fell in love with the impact makeup had on someones happiness and confidence. With lots of sleepless nights and travels from one country to another, I soon became recognized for my signature bridal makeup and found my true calling. Through my work as a makeup artist, I found passion in philanthropy and wanted to make it my mission to empower those less fortunate with the right tools to start their own career in this field.


How did this job shape what you wanted to create with your own line?
Through working with faces from around the world, I noticed a huge gap in the market. There were no high quality, long lasting, moisturizing, and luxurious products that worked on the different textures, tones, and quality of skin my clients had. My signature look consists of a very natural base that lasts from morning to night without being too heavy or cakey on the skin, paired with a soft, elegant smokey glam.

I noticed the lack of quality in the high-end products I was purchasing and felt a need to create something MOOR. I also found that the market only spoke about empowerment but didn’t really go the extra mile to make the consumer feel the positivity. There was warmth and love that was truly needed from a color cosmetics brand, and that’s what really fueled this for me.


What was the first product you released? And how was the response?
The first product I ever released was our Molten Matte Lipstick. I worked on this formula for two years and went back and forth until it was absolutely perfect. While it was in the development stage I had two years of testing and experimenting with all my brides from around the world! The response pre-launch was incredible, there was so much of a demand for it based on what my community saw from Instagram.

At the time I probably had only 10,000 followers—but they were the most loyal, engaged, supportive, and encouraging bunch that really inspired me to continue with more products. I remember when we first launched I did pop-ups in Jakarta, Dubai, Manila, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and in under an hour we were completely sold out. I couldn’t believe the response and was so excited to grow this brand into something so much bigger than I could ever imagine. I remember at our second pop up in Jakarta, someone came up to me and said “I wore Game Changer to my meeting, and the meeting changed. I owned that room. I felt the power!” That was probably one of the most fulfilling moments I had at the time. 


Tell us how your customer inspires you as a brand?
My customers are my brand. They inspire me everyday—more than they even know. At the end of the day, the “soul” purpose of this brand is to see my customers happy. When I see their messages of feeling confident in their application or finally finding their perfect shade of concealer that suits their skin type it makes me so happy!

My customers messages melt my heart. It’s always so warm and pure and honestly on even the toughest days, a post or message like that can really turn my frown completely upside down. My customers are why I do anything. I’ve always wanted to make a difference with giving love, and I’ve discovered my love language is makeup.


Why is it so important for the brand to be cruelty-free?
That’s an easy one! A brand that speaks about love can’t practice harm, can it? I love animals, so not being cruelty free is not even close to an option for me! We take cruelty-free to another level with also filtering out the negativity. We don’t believe in cruelty of any kind, even social media trolls and bad vibes.


We are so excited for our Curation Members to try the Moor Power Mascara and Kohl it Magic Eyeliner Pencil! What makes these products especially great introductions to the brand?
I’m so excited myself! Well first of all, I’m obsessed with both products. Our mascara took me three years to finally launch. It’s so beautiful and it honestly is a masterpiece. It’s a volumizing and lengthening mascara that flatters eyelashes of all shapes thanks to its tapered applicator brush. It’s a water-resistant formula that comes in a golden reflective case (which took so long for me to perfect!). I did this so that you can apply your mascara from anywhere! For someone whose always on the go, I couldn’t have it any other way! The ingredients are also incredibly conditioning for your lashes.

Our Kohl It Magic Eyeliner is essentially my secret to a fool-proof smokey eye. I made this so that it’s gentle on the eyes for sensitive waterline. It’s super easy to use and buildable. It’s not waterproof, so you don’t get raccoon eyes when removing your makeup!


Can you share a spring eye look our members can try this season using either or both of these products?
Pops of colors are in and spring is the best time to play! Replace your regular eyeliner pencil with a beautiful pop of color. That’s why I launched a set of four mini colored eyeliner pencils that are so easy to use, creamy, and of course mesmerizing. The set comes with the most adorable minis you’ve ever seen in teal, gold, brown, and blue. I created them for people who were scared to add color (just like me) but want a little drama. It’s the most subtle and easy little kit to use; it can be used on its own or as a set. Definitely something to try for spring! Line your top lid near the water line, or lower lash line, or even go extra cool and use a colored pencil to do some graphic, artistic looks.


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