March 04, 2022

Behind the Brand: Marrin Costello

Spring’s inherent lightness was a huge inspiration when curating our spring box, and that includes the delicate jewelry pieces to choose from. But while dainty, the Soleil Bracelet and Mystique Hoops—both designed by Marrin Costello—are still such standouts. This demi-fine jewelry, made from 14k gold-plated sterling silver with genuine white topaz, will instantly become a reliably chic staple in your collection.

If you’re excited about these pieces, we’ve got good news for you: There are even MORE Marrin Costello styles stocked in The Shoppe now—all of which you can get for up to 60% off! We have no doubt you’ll become as big of fans of the brand as we are, so we wanted to share a bit more of its story. Ahead, read our chat with Costello herself, who tells us all about her journey from a childhood gift to an American Idol moment to the present day, plus how she loves to style the Soleil Bracelet and Mystique Hoops this season.

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Your path to creating your own jewelry line famously started with a bead kit you were given as a child. Did you always feel connected to fashion and accessories? If so, can you share some of your early memories of what it meant to express yourself with style?
In the beginning, beading was therapeutic—it was my sanity, my escape, my happy place. Throughout the years, as I developed my skills in making jewelry, it became an outlet for expressing myself through fashion. I was a late bloomer in terms of developing physically, and clothes always seemed to be a challenging fit when I was younger—especially before I developed my own personal sense of fashion. But jewelry? Jewelry always fit—and made me feel like a rockstar. After being exposed to the luxury fashion world in my early professional career after college, my own personal style evolved and has since become both refined, elevated, and identifiable throughout the years. No matter what I’m wearing, jewelry is always the focus.


You’ve also said that selling your creations so young sparked your interest in entrepreneurship. What do you think excited you most about the idea of starting your own business?
I often tell people that I didn’t choose jewelry—jewelry chose me. While I come from a long line of entrepreneurs on both sides of my family, who inevitably encouraged me to start selling my ‘designs’ at the early age of 10, I truly never sought out to create a business. In fact, I didn’t even know that creating a livelihood/profession/brand/company by making and designing jewelry was even an option, let alone possible! But as fate would have it, there was a natural and organic progression in developing the brand, which started with showcasing my pieces at craft fairs, selling to local boutiques on consignment, creating custom pieces for friends in high school to wear at formal events, and selling pieces to family members well into my teen years. Then in college, a few items were featured on American Idol by a childhood-friend-turned-stylist, which catapulted my former hobby into a formal business. It has been a wild and exciting journey to see how far the company has evolved as both a brand and an entity, and how much I have evolved as a designer, boss, and entrepreneur.


Tell us about that first Marrin Costello piece that was featured on American Idol and how your line has evolved since then?
Oh my goodness, so much has changed since then! The two pieces that were featured were a pair of earrings and a long pendant necklace. The earrings were probably 4″ long with ovular coral-colored faceted stones at the bottom and a textured gold bead close to the earring hook. The necklace was a long, mid-torso chain with a large CZ stone on a vintage-inspired filigree oval pendant. Singer Brooke White, who was a contestant on American Idol, wore them both beautifully. And seeing my name on the TV screen next to fashion powerhouses like Rebecca Minkoff and Michael Kors as a college student was beyond surreal.

Back then, I was still making every single piece, and each design was often made of materials that were reworked from antique and/or vintage jewelry. There was not a cohesive brand story or identity at that time, and the materials used were far and wide. Now, the current collection is solely hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and using sustainable materials. Everything is intended to be luxury heirloom-quality jewelry for everyday wear, that doesn’t break the bank.


Who are some of your brand’s biggest influences and style inspirations?
I take inspiration from so many people, places, and things. From current trends, to architecture, to anything and everything vintage, to my stylish friends who continue to help me expand my own fashion boundaries. I am inspired by all things around me. I also take a lot of inspiration from the ancient world. In college, I majored in Art History with an emphasis on Egyptology, and thus, the Ancient Egyptian culture has served as a foundational component of inspiration for many years. And, of course, it would be so fitting to have the one and only Rachel Zoe as a forever style icon and inspiration to the line! Ever since I discovered her on Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project, I have both admired and respected her fashion sense and business acumen. I am forever impressed by her positive reputation, and am so grateful to be aligned with a forever fashion and business icon of mine in CURATEUR‘s spring 2022 box.


What do you want those who wear your designs to feel like in them?
I have always wanted people to wear my pieces and feel effortlessly fearless and fabulous. Whether they are in a formal gown, jeans and a tee, or workout gear, I want for everyone wearing the line to feel like the best version of themselves every time they put on the collection.


We chose the Soleil Bracelet and Mystique Hoops as choice options for our spring box because they truly embody this sense of lightness and femininity we associate with the season. What are some of your favorite ways to wear them for spring?
These two pieces are impossibly chic when worn on their own and easy to style with other pieces! I am currently wearing the Soleil Bracelet stacked with the Ramsey Bracelet in both gold and silver on one wrist, paired with the Rita Ring and Queens Band on the other hand. The Soleil Bracelet looks beautiful on its own, but is also a killer compliment to any bracelet stack. And because it is made of the highest quality demi-fine 14k gold plated sterling silver, Soleil is absolutely a never-take-it-off piece, should you choose.

The Mystique Hoops are equally as stunning and pack a big punch for being so lightweight! This hoop looks fantastic when worn on its own or stacked with multiple earrings, should you have multiple piercings. Short or long hair, worn up or down, these hoops can hold their own as well as compliment a necklace stack, should you choose to layer.

This demi-fine curation of genuine white topaz stones and 14k gold plated sterling silver showcases as fine jewelry. They’re just as subtle as they are showstoppers!


Rita Ring

Rita Ring

Queens Chain

Queens Chain

Layla Hoops

Layla Hoops

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