November 20, 2019

Behind The Brand is our franchise that features the collections, ethos, and stories of brands included in the Box of Style.  

Daylight Savings Time is a drag, but why not celebrate the calendar mandate with a special something to wear after-dark? Maison Du Soir leads the way with a lounge collection that blurs the lines between sleep and streetwear, designed and made in Los Angeles. With your sleep style in mind, we teamed up with Maison Du Soir to include a luxury floral robe in this season's Box of Style. Not only does the modern kimono honor the holiday tradition of upgrading your pajama drawer before the New Year, but it gives you something chic to throw on for a festive occasion too. Ahead, we chat with Maison Du Soir founder Courtney Kates Garcia about her brand beginnings, inspirations, and styling tips.

Box of Style: What three words best embody your line?

Maison Du Soir: Maison Du Soir is best described as fashion conscious, flattering and comfortable.

Box of Style: What inspired you to launch the brand, is there a specific anecdote you recall?

Maison Du Soir: The lack of fashionable and relevant sleepwear available inspired me to launch Maison Du Soir. Very few brands seemed to be paying attention to our daytime style. I didn’t understand why pajamas couldn’t be a natural extension of that? Since when did pink plaid with bows and flannel cat pajamas become the sleepwear standard? I want to have a chat with the person who decided that!

Box of Style: What is unique about your products? What is your brand ethos? 

Maison Du Soir: Maison Du Soir is unique in that it’s fashionably relevant. With every design, I consider how a garment will fit, flatter and function. Just because it’s something you wear inside the home, doesn’t mean it should lack this attention to detail.  

Box of Style: What about the Floral Robe so special? 

Maison Du Soir:  I love so many details about this robe. The print is so classic. It has a mid-century modern feel and the neutral colors make it so versatile. Once you put it on, it makes you feel so beautiful. Something we should all feel as we’re getting ready to go out or for bed. The fact that you can pair it with jeans, create a wrap skirt or pair it with formal attire is a huge plus. Not to mention that it’s machine washable! 

Box of Style: How do you recommend styling the robe for night and day?

Maison Du Soir:  My favorite way to style this robe is simply as a robe, like our signature kimono, the Isabella. Pair it with a matching cami and short sleep set underneath and you can wear it open or closed. I also love throwing it over jeans with a pretty camisole or t-shirt underneath. 

Box of Style: Why are you excited to be a part of Box of Style? What are your favorite features of the service?

Maison Du Soir: I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of Box of Style. To be chosen among much larger and recognized brands is truly humbling.  My favorite features are simply this fact. Every quarter, you are treated to your tried and true favorites but also introduced to some incredible new brands. Since Rachel curates each one, you know she is putting together something she would love herself. 

Box of Style: Why are you excited to partner with Rachel Zoe?

Maison Du Soir: It’s an honor to partner with Rachel Zoe. As a female entrepreneur, it’s always inspiring to work with like minded, strong women like Rachel. We share a similar aesthetic so our partnership was seamless. Choosing the best silhouette and print came together perfectly. It’s not often you find a partnership like that. 


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