July 24, 2019

Behind The Brand is our franchise that features the collections, ethos, and stories of brands included in the Box of Style. 

Jewelry trends come and go, but lucite has been a mainstay for decades (just ask Iris Apfel, nonagenarian style icon who has seen it all). Founded in 2017, Machete reimagined the beloved trend through an eco-conscious lens, offering a mind-boggling array of uniquely individual pieces of jewelry. We're thrilled to provide our members with a choice between a tortoise and opal iteration of their flattened Kate Hoops for Summer 2019. We sat down with the brand to learn more about what makes them a rising star. 

Box of Style: How did the brand begin?

Machete: Machete began when Atlanta designer Jennifer Matchett was in search of the perfect pair of tortoiseshell earrings. Seeing a gap in the jewelry market, she decided to create her own earrings and started with a few pairs made from deadstock acetate. From there, interest in her designs flourished and Machete was officially launched in 2017.

Box of Style: What inspired the creation of the Kate Hoops?

Machete: The Kate Hoops are a perfect blend of statement style, minimalism and versatility. The shades in the collection range from Classic Tortoise to bright pinks and patterns. For the Box of Style we chose the universally flattering Blonde Tortoise Kate Hoops & a beautifully summery white shade of Opal.

Box of Style: What makes your brand unique?

Machete: We want our customers to have the best Machete experience every step of the way, from navigating our site to remaining true to our eco-friendly roots with biodegradable packaging and quality craftsmanship. We care a lot about our customers and our community, giving back via scholarships and donations to local schools and foundations. What excites us is creating a space for jewelry lovers who want high-quality pieces they love and can build a collection from.

Box of Style: What is the number one thing about you want people to know?

Machete: Machete is modern, distinct and eco-friendly. Machete’s products are for the customer who loves mixing modern and classic style. She believes in curating every day pieces but also is not afraid to play with color. All of Machete’s earring posts are faceted with hypoallergenic stainless steel and handmade in Italy. Using alternative eco-friendly materials, like cellulose acetate, a natural, renewable material, Machete remains an industry leader in sustainable design.

Box of Style: Why excites you most about being a part of the Box of Style family? 

Machete: Box of Style is such a great way for subscribers try staple products from brands they love or experience new brands, all from the convenience of their own home and with a box curated to their personal style.

Box of Style: What is next for your brand?

Machete: We’re excited to expand Machete's fine jewelry collection, creating more gold and silver pieces. Additionally, we are excited to announce a collection of new hair pieces, combs & pearl based collections over the next few months!

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