May 21, 2020

Behind the Brand: Kosas

Scrolling through social media, we quickly become inundated with new brands and products. Companies marketing this or that, with a seemingly similar aesthetic and message—it’s exhausting. In order to get thumbs to pause on a post, brands need to rejigger the way they connect with their customers. And those that do so successfully stand out more than anyone else. These brands find themselves attracting customers and followers the way a flower attracts bees, and in turn create a community of loyal fans. It-girl beauty company, Kosas, has cracked that code to success. Founded by Sheena Yaitanes, the LA based makeup brand has landed themselves on billboards and at the top of their followers' feeds time and time again. 

The approach that Kosas has taken with their transparent storytelling mirrors their unique formulations, which has catapulted them into a booming social media brand with a notable presence. Their fuss-free, inclusive product offerings and of-the-moment aesthetic has elevated them in the marketplace and led them to victory. 

We are overtly excited to be showcasing their bronzer-highlighter palette in our summer box and sharing their story with you. Ahead we talk with Sheena about how Kosas came to be, what to expect from them in 2020, and more. 

Box of Style: What inspired the creation of Kosas and what values does the brand subscribe to?  
Kosas: I always knew there was a beauty brand inside of me. This was based on my deep rooted interest in makeup and beauty. I studied beauty brands growing up because my mom worked behind the counter. I was tremendously attracted to makeup because its material is similar to paint. Before I started Kosas, I was constantly disappointed by the makeup assortments being released by beauty brands. I couldn't understand how they came to be. The products were very confusing to navigate without being an expert. Collectively as women, our beauty routines are sacred to us. And the more I speak to women, I hear them asking “Am I doing this right?” That shouldn’t be our interaction with makeup. I wanted to create something that empowers rather than confuses. 

I had never experienced a lipstick that felt good. I had never seen a foundation that looked good throughout an entire day. I would have to scour the earth to find a simple peachy-orange blush. I didn’t want to do that anymore and wanted it all in one place. I knew that it was possible if someone (me) took responsibility and made it happen. I had that idea probably 10 years before Kosas happened. I was afraid to face it because I knew it was my calling. There was only going to be one shot for me, so it had to be at the right time. 

Today, Kosas is a clean beauty brand that is redefining the face of beauty. It’s makeup that supports your skin through super unique, science-backed formulations. We are building our clean product line around a ‘makeup meets skincare’ ethos, with a focus on simplicity, inclusivity, and quality. I aim to make each product the perfect hybrid of makeup and skincare. 

Box of Style: What makes the brand so unique? 
Kosas: From Kosas's packaging to its application, we’re all about keeping it easy, fun, and playful—sans the pressure of ‘getting it right’. We believe in a new face of makeup for everyday life. Women are busy and don't have time to be precious and perfect with their makeup. They want foolproof, effortless products that they can apply quickly or on the go. We try to keep things as transparent as possible, which I feel is why Kosas is resonating strongly with audiences on social media. We are seeing a ton of growth because we are having such honest, transparent conversations with our customers. 

Box of Style: Which product(s) put Kosas on the map? What made it/them so distinctive? 
Kosas: Our Tinted Face Oil took two years to develop because it was an entirely new format of foundation. Moments like Tinted Face Oil and 10-Second Eyeshadow have been big breakthroughs for me because they are a totally new approach and because of that there is a certain risk involved. So, when they land on all fours and solve problems for women, I feel so proud.

Box of Style:
What tips do you have for using the Color & Light Palette found in our summer box? What other products does it pair well with? 
Kosas: The Kosas Color & Light Palette is a  skin-conditioning, easy-to-apply, blendable blush paired with a complementary highlighter to wake up and balance your look. Our cream blush was formulated for flexibility. For a natural glow, we suggest applying with your fingertips to the apples of your cheeks and across the bridge of your nose. For more definition, apply at hairline, under cheekbones, around jawline, and blend. Then, finish the look with a touch of the highlighter on cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and front of chin for illumination. The Color & Light Palette was created to pair with all other Kosas products. To make application a breeze, we created a 5 Minute-Face Set to help get you started.

Box of Style: What makes this collaboration with Box of Style by Rachel Zoe so special? 
Kosas: This will actually be our first sample box partnership, which makes us extremely excited! I can’t wait for the audience to experience and fall in love with Kosas.

Box of Style: Why are you excited to be a part of Box of Style? What are your favorite features of the service?
Kosas: Box of Style provides many great opportunities for Kosas and all other participating partners. We are so glad to be featured amongst a plethora of coveted brands.

Box of Style: What is next for Kosas? 
Kosas: We just launched our Revealer Concealer and first bronzer, The Sun Show. We are also planning to expand into several new product categories in 2020.

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