January 06, 2022

Behind the Brand: Jennifer Zeuner

We wanted to make sure our latest box had a little dazzle to help dress up your winter season, and as soon as we saw the Jennifer Zeuner Allie Necklace, we knew it was the perfect piece to add some sparkle to your neckline. Available in your choice of gold or silver, this herringbone chain exemplifies the the brand’s ability to offer a fresh twist on a classic style—and it’s this trait that has earned Jennifer Zeuner a celebrity clientele that includes Beyoncé and Cameron Diaz among others.

As if you needed another reason to become a fan of the brand, we chatted with the founder herself who share even more of the story, including the non-celebs who inspire her designs daily, her favorite spiritual motifs, and why the Allie Necklace makes an ideal intro to the Jennifer Zeuner world. Read ahead for the full story, then shop even more pieces at our members-only discount! Not yet part of the CURATEUR community? Head HERE to see all the ways to join, including with our brand new winter box, filled with over $400 worth of Rachel Zoe-approved seasonal upgrades for a fraction of the price!

Your jewelry has been worn by some of the most stylish celebrities. In what ways does that inspire you—and do you have a favorite sighting?
As far as celebrities go, I have been immensely fortunate to have been supported by so many who have access to anything and everything! My top 3 are Beyoncé, Cameron Diaz, and Sarah Jessica Parker, all for different reasons.

Cameron Diaz was actually our first customer at a store in South Beach. 10 years later, I told her that her “endorsement” was a sign to me. She remembered buying my pieces and loved hearing how unknowingly, her support provided much needed validation to a woman who was just starting out. A few months after our chat, she was on the cover of Instyle wearing many of our pieces layered. It was such a full circle moment and for that reason, probably the highlight of my career.

I had heard that Beyoncé had purchased some of my pieces in NYC. That alone was HUGE! A few weeks later, I had the honor of seeing her in our Wishbone Bracelet while she was on stage during her tour. I loved that even though the bracelet is simple (unlike her costumes), she kept it on. She didn’t wear it to show it off (it was hard to see it from the stage), she obviously wore it for herself.

Sarah Jessica Parker left me a message once letting me know she gifted our Hamsa Necklace to a sick friend. A couple months later, we bumped into each other and chatted about how jewelry can offer comfort and a sense of connection.

I also get a lot of joy seeing celebrities of all ages wearing our jewelry. It makes me so happy to know that JZJ appeals to diverse women with a unique sense of style including Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Angela Basset, Viola Davis, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, and Margot Robbie.


Let’s talk about how your everyday customer inspires you as well—moms, business women, and so on! How do your customers inform future designs?
Our everyday customer inspires me because I’m always wondering what she needs to add to her jewelry box. We always try to offer an assortment that’s reasonably priced, fashion forward, versatile, well made, and special. I want my customer to have the option of wearing the same piece from the beach to the office and then to dinner. Women and moms are often too busy to plan their outfits and offering jewelry that’s versatile and ultimately effortless is our goal.


You mention your line has a spiritual twist. Can you share some ways that shows up in designs?
I’ve always incorporated spirituality in my jewelry! I love crosses, clovers, hamsas, Buddhas, butterflies, and even horoscopes! However, my ultimate favorite symbol I’ve incorporated in our jewelry since day one is the eye! My 4 grandparents are Turkish and ever since I was a bebé I never left the house without my “ojo.” It is believed to protect one from envious glances and ward off bad luck. The origins of the eye are Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean dating back to the 6th century. Now its meaning is recognized by many cultures and wearing an eye pendant has actually become a universal trend.


Jewelry can be such a keepsake—to be passed down or gifted with intention. Do you have a personal piece that’s especially memorable?
Jewelry is truly the best gift to give and receive. It can be worn daily, passed on to a loved one, and most importantly, jewelry can honor a special moment such as a graduation or a spiritual milestone. Jewelry can be a delicate reminder that one is loved or protected. I remember as a little girl wearing a diamond butterfly everyday and discovering its meaning about 6 years later when I was 15. Butterflies represent growth, metamorphosis, and transformation. My 11-year-old daughter now wears my “vintage” butterfly necklace and it’s truly delightful to witness.


We love the way the Allie Necklace has a bit of a vintage feel with the weight and herringbone design! What are some of the coolest ways you’ve seen it styled?
The Allie Necklace is literally the easiest piece to style! The length can be adjusted to complement different necklines and other necklaces. I wear it daily, whether it’s with a bikini, a button down, or a strapless black gown. I sometimes pair it with a diamond tennis necklace if I want to dress it up, but I also love it paired with a long gold chain with contrasting texture. At times I wear 2 herringbone necklaces and layer them at different lengths. It’s the ultimate “cool girl” necklace that you will never tire of.


What makes the Allie such a great intro to the Jennifer Zeuner world—and what pieces make a great next purchase for our members that fall in love with their new necklace?
This is such a tough question because the beauty of this necklace is that it’s a starter piece that literally goes with anything. The Allie is timeless. Lately I’ve been into a delicate enamel and diamond eye called the Nazar. I wear it at 14” and the Allie a bit longer. I’m also into really long 36” chains. The Willis is a great piece that can be worn long, short (wrapped twice) and as a bracelet! It looks great with the Allie Necklace!



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