June 23, 2020

Behind the Brand: Henny + Lev

With summer underway, familiar notions of weekend escapes and sun-drenched skin wash over us like a tidal wave. That, along with the accumulation of days spent at home have most likely amounted to an even greater inclination for a change of scenery. The two halves of desire and reality have whipped up to be the perfect concoction for planning your next getaway. 

Your weekender is begging you to pack up and go. And how can you refuse? The harmonious combination of canvas and vegan leather crafted by Henny + Lev make it tough to ignore. Beyond the beautiful yet functional design is a brand with heartfelt motivators and conscious behaviors. Henny + Lev evoke a greater sense of sustainability through fashion, along with the ways in which fashion can give back to the community. Ahead, we talk with co-Founder, Udi Gannon, about the importance of eco-friendly fashion, their weekender silhouette, why they donate a portion of their proceeds to a local NICU center, and more. 

Box of Style: What inspired the creation of Henny + Lev
Henny + Lev: Being in the industry, you see an uncensored truth about the amount of waste and pollution being pumped into our atmosphere. We at Henny + Lev wanted to make a change not only for ourselves, but for the future fashionistas! When starting the H+L brand, my wife, Henny, went into premature labor with our daughter Lev. It was a high risk labor since Lev was three months premature. Thankfully, both my wife and daughter are happy and healthy today! But during our stay at the NICU, we noticed how much they needed new equipment, incubator blankets, and other basic needs for the babies. We knew we wanted to give back and help the NICU that helped our family during such a hard time. So, we decided that proceeds from our new eco-friendly brand, Henny + Lev, will be donated to local NICUs in the area. We hope to uplift the families—especially the mothers—going through those difficult times. 

Box of Style: What makes the brand and its story so unique?
Henny + Lev: With the industry being so overly saturated with likened brands, it’s hard to stand out. Our end goal is to give back. Give back to the NICU centers, give to the mothers and families in the NICU, and give back to the environment; by using recycled packing materials, waterborne pu leather, and organic cotton and straw. We want to be fashionable, without hurting our environment.  

Box of Style: Can you tell us more about the creation of the weekender found in our summer edit? 
Henny + Lev: Our designer loves to mix different textiles and textures. When it came to creating a weekender duffle bag, he really loved the mix of the cognac vegan leather with the natural tan canvas. Our canvas gives us the muted Indio Valley vibe. This is the perfect duffle to take on your escape to your favorite weekend destination. 

Box of Style: What are the different functions of the weekender and ways to use it?
Henny + Lev: Our weekender is the perfect bag for any traveler! Whether you are jet setting across the country, or a weekend trip with your friends, it’s the ideal size. With the inside zipper compartment, it keeps your necessities both safe and secure. 

Box of Style: What three words best describe your line and why? 
Henny + Lev: Innovative. Always searching for better alternatives and materials to help eliminate our carbon footprint. Sustainable. Not only are we using eco-friendly materials, but our long lasting designs that won’t go out of style. Beginning. With the birth of our beautiful daughter Lev and the birth of our new brand.

Box of Style: What makes this collaboration with Rachel Zoe for Box of Style unique? 
Henny + Lev: The Box of Style is so different from the other box subscriptions out there. If you are a fan of fashion and style, then you know the name Rachel Zoe. Not only is she and her team detail-oriented when selecting products, but they put together a box of amazing products from brands you might have not heard from yet. With each item that comes in the box, we can see Rachel herself actually wearing and using them. 

Box of Style: What is next for Henny+Lev?
Henny + Lev: With being a new brand, we have so many great ideas and partnerships in the pipeline! We will be adding new fabrications to our line for fall, such as satin and suedes, all vegan of course! 


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