June 29, 2020

Behind the Brand: Grown Alchemist

It’s safe to say that many of us select expensive beauty products with the hope that our skin will achieve the promising results. Without a healthy skin barrier and proper restoring function, however, high-end formulas can't do their job. Instead, we must first foster healthy skin that will actually respond to the latest cutting-edge products we’ve invested in.

Grown Alchemist doesn’t manufacture ingredients, they grow them. Through extensive research and trial, it is their mission to deliver clean products that support  healthy skin function which allow their top-of-the-line topical formulas to do their job correctly. They have discovered that the best way to do this by honing in on naturally occurring ingredients that our skin thrives on. Being a cult-favorite in clean beauty, we felt it was the perfect fit to host Grown Alchemist’s Hydra-Repair Day Cream in our summer box.

Ahead, we chat with Jeremy Mujis, co-Founder of Grown Alchemist, about how he and his partner made waves with natural ingredients, how to use their products for unparalleled results, and more. 

Box of Style:
What inspired the creation of Grown Alchemist and what values does the brand subscribe to? 
Grown Alchemist: After working for many years as consultants in product and brand development, Keston and I decided to move towards the natural side of the skincare market. We began testing the performance of natural ingredients in our clinical trials and realized that there was a dramatic improvement in the cellular function of skin as a result. This realization sparked the start of Grown Alchemist and continues to inspire us today.

After that, creating the name and concept for our brand went hand in hand. We named the company Grown Alchemist because we believe it best encapsulates the following two principles that support our brand mission.

  1. We fundamentally believe that natural ingredients work better with the body, in fact, research shows that natural ingredients are far better accepted and utilized by the body than the natural ‘equivalents’. At Grown Alchemist, we don’t manufacture ingredients. We grow them.

  2. We utilize naturally occurring ingredients to their fullest potential through our understanding of their biological make up and delivery systems. This is our version of modern alchemy—the ability to combine ingredients in a profound and meaningful way in order to create complex formulas for optimal results.

Box of Style: What makes the brand so unique? 
Grown Alchemist: Our biggest point of difference from other brands in the market is anchored by one key focus: restoring skin function. Consumers are conditioned to think that amazing skin is all about a magical ingredient. Of course, as a beauty brand we do believe in the power of science and active ingredients to visibly transform skin. But that’s where the similarities between ourselves and other brands (organic or otherwise) end. We believe that without a healthy, capable skin cell nothing really happens to skin. It’s just a waste of powerful ingredients.

We spend the majority of our time and energy enhancing the capability of the skin through detoxification; a function-restoring process that is as much about what we add back to the skin as what toxic ingredients we leave out. Once we restore skin function, we then focus on enhancing skin through the process of activation. This occurs by using amazing ingredients that hold the power to visibly transform. No other brand focuses on cellular function in this way and it’s a point of difference that guarantees real results for our consumers.

Box of Style: What three words best describe the brand and why? 
Grown Alchemist: Cleanse. Detox. Activate. At Grown Alchemist, we have created a customized, three-phase skincare protocol of ‘cleanse, detox, activate’ to ensure that our skin’s biological repair and protection process are supported and amplified for real, radiant results.

We begin with ‘cleanse’, an obvious yet often overlooked element of any daily skincare regime. Properly removing make-up, impurities, and surface debris will result in improved skin function. This will in turn improve results, making this first phase so crucial. We recommend cleansing your skin in the morning and double cleansing in the evening. At night when the skin is regenerating, it releases its waste and toxins which then accumulate on your face, often leaving behind an oily residue. Upon waking,  a single cleanse will leave skin refreshed and ready for your daily skincare regimen. In the evening, we recommend double cleansing to allow the proper penetration of actives in your nightly skincare regime. 

After cleansing, it is critical to nurture the process of dermal detoxification. The ‘detox’ phase fights the release of damaging free radicals, improving the oxidative state of the skin, and restoring cellular function. The result is a complexion that is primped for active topicals. 

Finally, we are left with the final phase of our protocol, ‘activate’. The method of activating is much more than basic hydration. It is a process of layering serums and moisturizers to address a myriad of skin concerns. For superior results, it’s important that the ingredients are biologically recognized and therefore are able to be fully utilized by the skin.

Box of Style: Which product put Grown Alchemist on the map?
Grown Alchemist: Hydra-Repair Day Cream. It doesn’t feel heavy or oily, yet it hydrates deeply.

Box of Style: What tips do you have for using the Hydra-Repair Day Cream found in our summer box?
Grown Alchemist: Our secret is to use the Instant Smoothing Serum underneath it. The two combine to create an amazing canvas for makeup and provide beautiful hydration.

Box of Style: What makes this collaboration with Box of Style important to you?
Grown Alchemist: Working with the team has been incredible. We are excited to share our products and to communicate our message to your members. The curation of the summer box is just beautiful. We are proud to represent the skincare category this season. 

Box of Style: What is next for Grown Alchemist? 
Grown Alchemist: As a brand, we have always had a laser focus on being the best in beauty. It’s a space that evolves quickly and will continue to do so. As time goes on, we have learned that beauty cannot be a singular skincare experience. There is no magic pot of cream or serum to solve it all. Beauty is holistic. So, when I think about where we will be in ten years, we will be following the same steps in becoming the best, holistic beauty brand.

If you are not yet a member and want in on the fun, be sure to snag your box here!