December 05, 2019

Behind The Brand: Ethics Supply Co.

If you are like us, then you tend to embrace the warm wave of nostalgia that manifests this time of year and lingers like a familiar scent come January. Moments with family and the scent of a crisp winter day are all it takes to bring back cherished memories.

At Box of Style, we value family and togetherness during the holidays. That’s why Rachel curated the candle, Starry Night by Ethics Supply Co. because it's luxe winter scent reminds her of her childhood holidays with her family. Not to mention the brand's awe-inspiring backstory and incredible scent also make it worthy of being a part of your traditions this season.

Box of Style: What is unique about your products?

Ethics Supply Co.: We carefully craft everything by hand. We feel strongly that there is a place at the table for both the craftsman and consumer. We pay a living wage, endeavor to use the finest ingredients, and source packaging in the United States whenever possible. We also source the scents from nature and the trails themselves. Oftentimes, we return with samples from areas we love to ensure that the scent matches the experience. 

Box of Style: What three words best embody your line?

Ethics Supply Co.: Adventure, Freedom, and Love.

Box of Style: What inspired you to launch the brand?

Ethics Supply Co.: I started Ethics because I had experienced a great deal of emotional healing in the wilderness. It was when I came out of an emotionally abusive relationship that I turned to the trail for solace, quiet, and rest. I now feel most answers can be found out there—free from distractions and noise. The heart already knows the solution, it just needs peace and quiet to express itself.

Box of Style: What about the Starry Night candle is so special?

Ethics Supply Co.: Starry Night is very near and dear to my heart. My eldest son had just come out and was struggling emotionally with acceptance of himself. I offered him what I knew had healed me—the wilderness. We traveled to Great Basin National Park which boasts one of America’s last dark skies. It was a clear, moonless night. The milky way felt so close, you could almost touch it. 

I had tears streaming down my face from being able to share that experience with my husband and son. There is something about majesty that inspires not just healing, but hope. It’s as though your trials shrink in nature’s splendor—leaving gratitude and wonder in their wake. And a sense of security for your future derives from the idea that we were made by the same hand that created the heavens. 

My son now lives in Berlin, he is studying there for his master’s degree. I am happy to report that he is happy and thriving. All of us (I have four boys) have bonded over the “wild places” and each in our own way. Many of Ethic’s scents are inspired by trips we have taken together. 

Box of Style: How can you recycle the candle after use?

Ethics Supply Co.: The candle’s jar can be recycled or repurposed once the candle has been burned down (and the jar cleaned out). Use it for storing makeup brushes, pens or flowers. 

Box of Style: Why are you excited to be a part of Box of Style? What are your favorite features of the service?

Ethics Supply Co.: We are deeply honored and excited to be a part of Box of Style. When I think of Box of Style, the first word that comes to mind is elegance. Each product featured is so carefully curated that I have to pinch myself that we were asked to participate in this year’s Winter Box. Everything about the Box is beautiful. It is a luxurious treat that feels more like a treasure chest. We love that it offers exposure to new brands. In addition to how stylishly beautiful it is, everyone at the company has been amazing to work with.

Box of Style: Why are you excited to partner with Rachel Zoe?

Ethics Supply Co.: We are huge fans of Rachel Zoe, so it is a dream come true for us. Her business model is very inspiring. Being a female business owner myself, I greatly admire strong businesswomen and Rachel fits that ideal perfectly.