March 03, 2020

Behind the Brand: Erno Laszlo

We’re taking the phrase “shedding our winter skin” to heart as spring veers its head this March. As we prepare for warmer months, it’s out with the old, dry complexion and in with a new, hydrated exterior. That means lots of moisturizing and exfoliation. We’re introducing you to a hybrid of those two key components for your skincare routine and the brand behind it—a moisturizing toner by cult-favorite beauty brand Erno Laszlo. 

Laszlo made great strides in reinventing the wheel of skincare with products like their Hydraphel Skin Supplement toner and was actually the first to do so as a medical professional. His brand has stood the test of time by staying at the cutting edge of modern skin treatments while continuing to prescribe the solutions that put him on the map many decades ago.

The Erno Laszlo story is both rich and intriguing. Follow along for how the Box of Style favorite was conceptualized and why we included them in our curation this spring. 

Box of Style: What inspired the creation of Erno Laszlo and what values does the brand subscribe to? 
Erno Laszlo: As we celebrate 93 years, I’m happy to say what Dr. Erno Laszlo created back in 1927 is still what we subscribe to today. He was inspired by women and used that to create a cult following of beautiful skincare products which in return empowered them, too. Today, we continue to empower the individual and tell our brand’s story.

Box of Style: What three words best describe the brand and why? 
Erno Laszlo: Results, iconic, and empowering.

Box of Style: What makes the brand so unique? 
Erno Laszlo: Our unique heritage and story runs deep. Erno Laszlo is proud to be the first doctor founded skincare brand. Dr. Laszlo moved to New York in 1939 and opened the Erno Laszlo Institute on Fifth Avenue where he created science based, personalized formulations and customized treatments. It was called the House of Silence and holds many of the skin secrets of Hollywood’s most coveted—Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Greta Garbo just to name a few. The product formulations are some of the most unique like our famous black soap and pink mask as well as our Hydraphel Skin Supplement which Rachel chose for the Spring Box of Style. 

Box of Style: What are the features and ingredients of the Hydraphel Skin Supplement that make it such a cult product? How is it different from other formulas on the market?
Erno Laszlo: Nicknamed “The Protein Water” due to its unique texture, Hydraphel Skin Supplement calms and renews your skin with essential nutrients. It’s a toner-essence hybrid with potent hydrating properties. Glycerin, a natural moisture magnet, attracts and holds hydration to give you an instant glow. Allantoin soothes sensitive or irritated skin while encouraging cell repair and renewal. This product is alcohol-free and super gentle. The texture is the game changer and once you add it to your daily ritual, you can’t live without it.  

Box of Style: What other products should be used in conjunction with the toner (and in what order) to achieve optimum results?
Erno Laszlo: Both morning and night, you should cleanse (we like to double cleanse), tone, apply serum, then top it off with moisturizer. Have an extra five minutes? Before applying your products and after cleansing, add an eye mask to enforce hydration and fight puffiness. At night, swap out your morning serum for something more moisturizing. We suggest using the following for best results: Hydraphel Skin Supplement for toner, Timeless Skin Serum for morning, and AHA Resurfacing Sleep Serum plus Hydra Therapy Memory Mask for night. And for your eye mask needs, our Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask. Repeat daily and you will immediately begin to understand how caring for your skin is not only empowering, but the best five minutes you can give to yourself.

Box of Style: What makes this collaboration with Rachel Zoe for Box of Style so special?
Erno Laszlo: Rachel Zoe is iconic and empowers so many women. Our brands align well so bringing the two together has been quite the celebration for our team and customers. 

Box of Style: Why are you excited to be a part of Box of Style? What are your favorite features of the service?
Erno Laszlo: The curation of high-quality products and on-trend pieces. It’s a very thoughtful collection that you can’t wait to receive. I myself have discovered more brands through receiving my box.|

Box of Style: What is next for Erno Laszlo?
Erno Laszlo: 2020 is a big year for us! We are launching our Clean Promise and our mission to give back to Mother Earth by being sustainable. You can read all the details here. As a nod and celebration to our heritage, we are the founding sponsor of The Makeup Museum which will open its doors this May in NYC.

We are bringing back a very famous product that both Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo coveted. It’s a very unique product that was well ahead of its time and is a must try for us all. Finally, we will be holding our first New York pop-up this summer in the famous Meat Packing District—we hope you will stop by!