September 23, 2020

Behind the Brand: Eddie Borgo

Whether you choose to sport jewelry as your choice accessory or not, it’s easy to identify why so many people do. Jewelry is an easy and accessible way to show off your own personal style, no matter the occasion. For us, we’re reaching for our beloved gold links crafted by high-end designer, Eddie Borgo, all season long.

Borgo is the man behind the gold statement necklace and earrings found in our fall curation. Being so infatuated with his simplistic yet eye-catching pieces, we had to know how Eddie Borgo started his brand and what makes it so unique. Ahead we talk with designer Eddie Borgo himself all about his coveted jewelry line, what inspired its beginning, and much more. 

In your own words, can you please describe the impetus of high-end jewelry brand, Eddie Borgo?
I began making jewelry over 15 years ago, mostly as one-off pieces for stylists’ photo shoots. Slowly, this evolved into the creation of a jewelry collection that I began selling to select retailers.

What inspired you to start your own trend-forward jewelry line?
The idea of costume jewelry had become so generalized. There was little to no focus in highly-specialized costume jewelry that held the same collectibility as fine jewelry. Identifying that opportunity allowed me to continue my focus on the quality and longevity of our pieces.

What put Eddie Borgo on the map? How has the initial style evolved since?
There’s been a few pieces that are considered as markers for the brand—our cones, pyramids, and padlocks. The convertibility (and many copies) of those initial collections and their pieces pushed our studio to continue experimenting and evolving—an ethos we continue to follow to this day.

What influences the Eddie Borgo design style?
Designing costume jewelry is an incredible outlet and the possibilities are endless. We are able to utilize a wide range of materials and finishes that are not limited in the same way as fine jewelry.

What are your favorite ways to style gold jewelry, specifically the chain link necklace and earrings found in our fall curation?
Classic gold links always look best when worn in a way that doesn’t feel at all precious. Jeans and a t-shirt always work well.

Why is it so important to accessorize?
Jewelry is unique in that it can help you understand the wearer. It’s a good way to demonstrate one’s taste and personal style.

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