December 08, 2020

Behind the Brand: Amber Sceats

Here at CURATEUR, we believe in investing in statement accessories. You know, the ones that make their way into your everyday wardrobe and become a major part of your signature style. That’s why we just had to have pieces from one of Australia’s most dynamic jewelry designers, Amber Sceats in our winter curation. 

Starting her eponymous jewelry line is definitely something Amber Sceats was born to do, given her family’s long history in the watch industry. Inspired by her love of art, travel, and architecture, her jewelry designs are imbued with sculptural elements that make them both contemporary and timeless all at once. 

Read on to learn more about Amber Sceat’s design philosophies and inspiration in her own words! 

What was the impetus behind the Amber Sceats jewelry brand?
I started designing jewelry 10 years ago, purely from my own personal obsession with costume jewelry. I definitely had a very strong sense of personal style. Think adorning simple outfit with loads of arm candy, statement earrings, and rings on every finger. It was how I expressed myself and my style.

What inspired you to start your own jewelry brand?
My grandfather founded a very prominent wholesale business in the watch industry almost 80 years ago, which my mother took over in the early 2000s. It was innate for me to use their company as a jumping-off point for my very own. To be able to continue what my grandparents built from the ground up is extremely fulfilling and makes my heart so full.

What has put Amber Sceats on the map? How has the initial style evolved since (if at all)?
As I have grown up and my personal style has evolved, so has my brand. My crushed gold statement pieces are an Amber Sceats signature style and my personal go-to pieces.

Adding freshwater pearls to my recent designs keep me inspired. Through this, I’ve discovered a new love for nature and the beauty of our oceans.

What influences the Amber Sceats aesthetic?
I base every new collection on designing pieces I personally and genuinely crave in my wardrobe. It’s really a gut instinct that starts the process. Presently, I am craving chunky silver pieces which I haven’t produced in many years. Stay tuned!

What are your favorite ways to style the cuff featured in our winter curation?
I love layering this cuff to create a major fashion statement. I pair it with its matching earrings, ring, and necklace—which can all be found on The Shoppe! Pair them with a simple outfit such as high waisted denim and a white tank.

Why do you think it’s so important to accessorize?
Accessories show one’s personal style. You can tell a lot about a person simply by looking at their jewelry. I’ve always believed in investing in good quality statement accessories because they last a lifetime and can be worn every day.

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