December 20, 2019

Behind the Brand: AF by Andrea Fohrman.  

Inspiration is often derived from the things that surround us. For jewelry designer and founder of AF by Andrea Fohrman, this theory rings especially true. Andrea crafts her jewelry from the colors and textures she feels drawn to in her life. And for the Winter Box, Rachel wanted to select a wearable that was elegant yet timeless and felt that Andrea’s Diamond Pendant necklace was the perfect match. Follow along for more on Andrea, her new collection, and our favorite necklace. 

Box of Style: What three words best embody your line?
Andrea Fohrman: Whimsical, timeless, and wearable.

Box of Style: What inspired you to launch the brand? 
Andrea Fohrman: Growing up in Marin County and on a mountain, we had clear skies on most nights. I would always mention that the moon followed me while we would drive up to the house. This is how I began to design pieces that had to do with happiness and the sky. I think the amazing thing about design is that I get to show my interruption of what I am feeling and that there are no wrong answers in design.

Box of Style: What is unique about your designs and who do you design for? 
Andrea Fohrman: Color is what inspires me. Everything I design is based on a stone or color combination that I’m drawn to in a particular moment.

Box of Style: What about the pendant you designed for Box of Style is so special?
Andrea Fohrman: The diamond pendant is the first featured piece of my new collection, AF by Andrea Fohrman.

Box of Style: Why are you excited to be a part of Box of Style? What are your favorite features of the service? 
Andrea Fohrman: Box of Style curates the finest range of elevated products from various designers. I am very excited to be included in the Winter edition.

Box of Style: Why are you excited to partner with Rachel Zoe? 
Andrea Fohrman: Having Rachel Zoe select one of my pieces for Box of Style is the ultimate compliment—she is a style icon.