October 09, 2019

Behind The Brand is our franchise that features the collections, ethos, and stories of brands included in the Box of Style.

A little luxury goes a long way, whether hung up in your closet or tucked away in a monogrammed handbag. Just ask designer Rachel Miriam, who is on the rise for her California-cool line of personalized accessories. A one-two punch of style and philanthropy, each collection features a celebrity ambassador and their chosen non-profit. For this season's Box of Style, Rachel Miriam partnered with Rachel Zoe on a croc-embossed Card Case in a beautiful Bordeaux hue. (All the better to coordinate with Fall's wine-red manicures.) In honor of this collaboration, a donation was made to one of RZ's favorite non-profits, Baby2Baby, which is one more reason to shop the box! Ahead, we go behind the brand with Rachel Miriam to learn more about her standout label.

Box of Style: How did the brand get its start? Is there an anecdote that embodies why you launched?

Rachel Miriam: I started this company as a way of overcoming post-partum after my son Graham was born. I’ve always been an entrepreneur and a go-getter, believing in my ability to create something from nothing and maintain a successful business. However, when my son was born I completely lost my identity and my sense of independence. I didn’t want to sacrifice what I know I’m capable of just because I became a mother. Starting this business became my creative opportunity to pursue my passions outside of motherhood. I bought a tiny embroidery machine, put it on my kitchen table, and sewed while my son was asleep. Graham joined me in our stroller deliveries; I organized meetings during nap time and strapped him in a carrier during buying trips. It was exhilarating to have a passion that gave me an additional purpose each day. Each year he aged, I had more time to hustle and grow my business while incorporating lessons learned from motherhood into a well structured company. Patiently, that journey has led me to where I am now.

Box of Style: What was the inspiration behind the creation of the product that is in the Box? Why did you want to make it? What is special about it?

Rachel Miriam: As an entrepreneur and business owner, I’m constantly introducing myself to new people. I’m always on the go with my business cards and know the value of pulling out your company card to reflect who you are and what your business is in style. I dedicate this Card Case to every person out there believing in who they are and their excitement to introduce themselves to the world. What is special about it? My favorite movie is “Working Girl” and this Card Case gives every person their “working girl” moment to stand out and hustle for the life they want to create.

Box of Style: What about your brand is unique/most exciting to you and why? What three words best describe your brand?

Rachel Miriam: Every collection Rachel Miriam launches is a collaboration that benefits an incredible Non-Profit. My company takes curated collections of personalized items, pairs them with a celebrity — or as I like to call them, an Ambassador, who then chooses a Non-Profit they are passionate about to benefit from a percentage of sales from each item sold in the collection. I’m incredibly passionate about raising awareness and funds for Non-Profits, but recognize that it’s hard for others to make a difference alone. My goal is to help people give back by shopping! The three words that best describe Rachel Miriam are fun, charitable, and sophisticated. 

Box of Style: What is the number one thing about your products/brand that you would like prospective customers to know? Which products are your best sellers or cult items that best embody your brand?

Rachel Miriam: We specialize in custom personalization with the most exciting thread colors, fonts, monograms, and graphics! Our customers get to curate one-of-a-kind gifts designed with threads such as glow-in-the-dark, neon, sparkle, ombre, etc. My favorite part is that our customers can be creative in their embroidery customization through words, phrases, Instagram handles, hashtags, etc as opposed to just a traditional name or monogram. To the best of my knowledge, we are the only company currently offering such exciting personalization options. Everyone loves our neon and metallic threads, the fact that each collection is paired with a celebrity with a different cause AND that all items sold on our site are practical for everyday use. 

Box of Style: Heading back to work after the summer is always a struggle. How does your product help people with the transition to Fall?

Rachel Miriam: The Fall is a fresh start and a new journey.  The Bordeaux Croc Embossed Card Case can inspire all of us to redesign a new business card that sets the tone for the following months and introduces yourself in a new way.  In addition, since it’s the perfect credit card holder, take your new Card Case and do some well deserved damage for a new Fall wardrobe.  

Box of Style: Why are you excited to be a part of Box of Style? What are your favorite features of the service?

Rachel Miriam: Starting this company on my kitchen table with nothing but a tiny machine and a big dream was exhilarating, but not easy.  In my wildest dreams did I think that I could build it to be the brand that it is today, doing so much good for so many people in so many ways.  To me, the Box of Style is that moment where I know I’ve made it.  Even though I’m a mom, I take pride in my style and look to the Box of Style for guidance.  Having my own item featured is genuine validation that no matter what your life circumstances are (age, education, financial, etc), you are the creator of your future. If you believe in something and you’re committed to the journey, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  As a mom and business owner, there aren’t many hours in the day dedicated to looking my best.  Each of these items are foundational pieces to help me navigate the business world looking chic!  I love that it just shows up at your doorstep and instantly transforms you. 

Box of Style: What is next for your brand?

Rachel Miriam: I’m so proud, humbled and honored to announce that I am partnering with Maria Shriver to launch a curated collection of meaningful merchandise called “The Sunday Paper Marketplace.” Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper is a free weekly subscription newsletter featuring news and views “above the noise” to inspire heart and mind, ignite your passion to become the architect of change and move humanity forward. A percentage of proceeds from each sale in the Sunday Paper Marketplace benefits Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. The Sunday Paper Marketplace will launch in Fall/Winter 2019 at ShopSundayPaper.com.