May 06, 2019

All The Female Founded Brands In The Spring Box

As the founder of multiple businesses (first, there was her styling empire, then The Zoe Report, Rachel Zoe Collection, and of course Box of Style) Rachel loves to support other female entrepreneurs. In light of International Women’s Day, we wanted to shed some light on the female-founded brands in this season’s box, which just happens to be all of them.


Read on to see how these companies are working to empower other women around the world. 

Michelle Campbell 


Aside from creating a range of jewelry inspired by her grandmother and working with a team of strong, intelligent women (who she credits for her success) Michelle Campbell is also a film producer. Her films showcase famous historical events focusing on the important roles played by women, even while they were being valued as lesser than their male counterparts. Through both her films and her jewelry she hopes to encourage women to speak their minds and express themselves freely. 


Tribe Alive 


Carly Burson saw first-hand the effects that economic insecurity could have on women while adopting her daughter in Ethiopia. Looking for a way to help bring meaningful, safe, and stable jobs to women in developing countries, she started Tribe Alive. Carly is passionate about providing these women with jobs that make use of their artisanal skills and give them dependable wages, and access to healthcare, education, and financial management.


Edible Beauty  


Who hasn't hit a rut in their career? Understanding this relatable dilemma and wanting to inspire other women who are feeling uninspired, Anna Mitsios decided to lead by example. After leaving a career that she thought was not her calling and choosing instead to pursue her passion, she founded her skincare line Edible Beauty. Not only is her story inspiring, but the company she built is also socially and environmentally conscious, with all natural ingredients: packaging designed to be easily recycled, and a commitment to cruelty-free practices.  


Chan Luu  



What started as just a few hand-made pieces of jewelry has turned into an entire accessory and fashion collection. Chan Luu now boasts a workforce based in the US, Vietnam, and India that is 95% female. When she designs these pieces, Chan Luu tries to think of what will make women feel the most beautiful and confident. In addition to offering jobs to women around the world, the company also donates a percentage of their proceeds back to Breast Cancer Research.   


Skin Gym  


Skin Gym isn't like other beauty brands. Founded on the premise that your face deserves its workout regime, the brand promotes tools, products, and techniques that amplify your beauty naturally. Founder Karina Sulzer believes in the power of self-care, recommending you allocate 15 minutes of your day to your regimen, including facial massage, which not only makes you look great, it makes you feel great, too. After all, if you're not pampering yourself, who will?